The Bitcoin button is back on Binance: how to participate?

Le bouton Bitcoin est de retour sur Binance : comment y participer ?

Recently, the Binance platform announced that their Bitcoin button was back. Open to anyone with a Binance account, the game offers a chance to win one Bitcoin (BTC), now worth $26,000. A nice sum that would please more than one investor to fight against this period of market mark.

Binance relaunches its Bitcoin button

Much to the delight of investors, the world’s largest cryptocurrency platform His button sends Bitcoin again. The winner of this game will be awarded Bitcoin (BTC). With a price of around 26,000 dollars, this event is the perfect opportunity to experience serenely following the bear market.

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During the previous edition in 2022, The Binance game went on for many weeks until a winner emerged. This year, the rules of the game are the same as last year:

  • all users of the platform are able to click once on the button;
  • with each click, a counter is triggered from 60 seconds to 0;
  • when the counter reaches 0, the Bitcoin will be awarded to the last user who clicked the button.

If you have used your free click without success, Binance gives its community the opportunity to get additional clicks. Therefore, to increase your chances of success, you can complete the procedure of verifying your identity, known as KYC (Know Your Customer).

In addition, an additional click is available to users invite a relative through a referral link : however, it is necessary for the affiliate to pass the KYC procedure to grant the bonus to his sponsor. At the end, community puzzles will gradually appear to offer new occurrences to those who can solve them.

Note that only those who have an account on the Binance platform or a Twitter profile subscribed to the exchange can participate in the game.

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Binance: the marketing behind its game

Created in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao, Binance business quickly became a world leader in the cryptocurrency exchange industry. Over the years, the company has attracted more and more users thanks to its diverse range of services, from cryptocurrency trading to solutions using DeFi, including the deployment of its own blockchain, the BNB Chain.

However, Binance would not be able to claim its place as a global leader without convincing its users through its multiple promotional activities. Therefore, the Bitcoin button is one of the operations that is central to his strategy.

By combining financial reward with fun features, Binance game is one of a kind. Consisting of one rule (click once on the button), the Bitcoin button is easy to remember. Likewise, driven by his fierce public, The game has a lot of exposure on social networks.

Recall that the operation of Binance began a week after the complaint was filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the regulator of the financial market in the United States. In the context of massive withdrawals from users, the media coverage of the event is not significant enough to mask the concerns of the platform’s investors.

Whether the appearance of this game during this period of regulatory uncertainty is a coincidence or a premeditated act, the main question to ask right now is this: how the company Binance plans to protect itself against the American institution that is suing her?

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