The bitcoin (BTC) invites itself in University of Cincinnati programs

The bitcoin (BTC) invites itself in University of Cincinnati programs

Curiosity is not just within companies that cultivate bitcoin. More and more academic structures are also interested in it. The University of Cincinnati, in the United States, will offer training programs dedicated to cryptocurrencies from next year.

Bitcoin lands in the lecture halls of the University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati (UC) will begin providing courses on cryptoassets and new financial technologies next school year. Thus, UC students will be able to familiarize themselves with blockchain working mechanisms and decentralized finance.

UC’s loyal donors, Dan Kautz and Woodrow (Woody) Uible, provide financial support for these training programs. They are part of the desire of these donors to help strengthen the capacity of students and faculty at the University of Cincinnati.

In addition, these courses will be taught at Carl H. Lindner College of Business, a business school based within UCD. Speaking on the subject, Marianne Lewis, dean and managing professor at this establishment, expressed great enthusiasm and gratitude.

“Our students will learn how to manage cryptocurrencies and the impact of these digital assets on our economy, positioning the University of Cincinnati as a regional leader and among the top universities nationally with this type of program.”she added.

To date, no details have been revealed on the actual content of these trainings. It should be noted, however, that the construction of a research laboratory and the creation of a crypto-asset fund are also planned at the same time. In fact, for the actors of this project, “Students will learn more by participating in the cryptocurrency trading process and working directly with blockchain”.

When cryptocurrencies, education and jobs come together

As part of this initiative, partnerships should be established with companies to stimulate research. The purpose of this approach is to provide students with operational skills to operate easily in the cryptocurrency sector.

The laboratory already benefits from the support of many companies, such as the hard wallet, Ledger. The latter should also teach best practices for the secure storage, transmission and exchange of digital assets.

In addition, this trend is also prevalent within Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In fact, they all have a research center that specializes in blockchain studies.

Similarly, BNB Chain recently unveiled its collaboration with the University of Zurich Blockchain Center. The purpose of this partnership is to develop a teaching unit on the basic concepts of blockchain. In addition, it aims to organize a training workshop focusing on NFTs.

Today, training on the subject of blockchain and crypto-aids is a wave of resonance. On the one hand, for universities, it is above all a question of positioning themselves as leaders in these sectors. For students, on the other hand, it is a question of opening up to significant employment and innovation opportunities.

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