The best projects on the Ethereum blockchain in 2022!

Les meilleurs projets sur la blockchain Ethereum en 2022 !

Despite the bear market, the crypto market is still very active. While this downward phase is likely to be fatal for a certain number of projects, others may turn out well. In this article, we take a look back at 3 projects with very different aspirations and maturity. Projects that nevertheless have a common point: they are all compatible with the Ethereum blockchain!

1 – Tamadog (TAMA)

1 - Tamadog (TAMA) The game Tamadoge uses the codes of the Tamagotchis with a digital sauce. Launched in July 2022, it could be one of the big surprises of 2022. Especially if the crypto market succeeds! For users, your Tamadoge will evolve within the home metaverse: the Tamavers! The animals in the game are actually NFTs. So each animal is unique and has its own stats, strengths and weaknesses. By taking care of your animal, you can improve its stats, limit its weaknesses and increase its strengths.

The Tamadoge ecosystem is also treasured. A shop where you can buy food for your pet, toys or accessories. Ultimately, the team plans to offer new functionalities. Like the possibility of including an augmented reality app to play with your pet.

The TAMA token is at the heart of the Tamadoge ecosystem. In particular, it allowsbuy your favorite creatures in NFT format. The user can also find it in the Tamaverse. The TAMA allows you to create, raise and even care for your pets. Although it is a meme token, the token has real utility. Note that this is a sign of deflation. In fact, when purchased on the store, 5% of the TAMA tokens used are burned.

The tonomy of the project is provided 2 billion tokens. Half of these tokens will be sold in a public pre-sale. Tokenomics also provides for the gradual release of 30% of the total tokens. Over a period of 10 years. The remaining 20% ​​will be used to ensure the liquidity of the token after listing on DEXs or CEXs. Unlike many projects, TAMA trading will not be subject to additional taxation.

2 – Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

The best projects on the Ethereum blockchain in 2022! Present on both the Binance Chain and the Ethereum blockchain, the Lucky Block project is the world’s first mixed lottery game and blockchain. By offering a solution hosted 100% by the blockchain, Lucky Block provides answers to the most common problems in games of chance. In fact, the blockchain can, for example, fight against the opacity of certain lottery systems. Cheap, the blockchain can reward the winners better. In addition to this, the Lucky Block protocol and the blockchain enable players from all over the world to participate in the same lucky draws.

Within the Lucky Block ecosystem, you can also invest in a range of NFTs. A collection named “Platinum Rollers“. Trying to protect a more intelligent system, the Lucky Block solution also donates 10% of the size of each jackpot to charity. For each Jackpot, 70% is distributed to the winners, 10% goes to the development of the project and the marketing budget. The remaining 10% is shared between the holders of the LBLOCK token.

3 – The Sandbox (SAND)

3 - The Sandbox (SAND) In the sector of metaverse, this is one of the main projects, along with Decentraland. As with “Play to Earn” type games, the Sandbox ecosystem is at odds with the classic business model of video games. It is no longer the player who buys to play, but the platform that sets up reward systems to retain users.

Better yet, the Sandbox offers an ecosystem with endless possibilities. For the good and simple reason that the platform allows players to co-constructing the metaverse. By inventing new games or creating new things. Everything new will be in the form of NFTs that you can buy or sell through the market. Creativity is then multiplied tenfold.

Like Decentraland, the concept of the Sandbox platform is very popularvirtual real estate. By purchasing a plot, the user can offer new activities and charge an entry fee to other players. He can also monetize his plots by accepting advertisements from companies. A true pioneer of the metaverse ecosystem, the Sandbox could develop even more widely in the coming years. Some estimates now rely on a sector of the metric that could weigh hundreds of billions of dollars by 2030.

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