The ban on bitcoin (BTC) mining in Norway has been lifted

The ban on bitcoin (BTC) mining in Norway has been lifted

The Red Party has devised a prohibition bill far to the left mining energy-intensive cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin. However, this was rejected by a majority of parliamentarians. In addition, the Communist Party also proposed to increase the electricity tax for cryptocurrency miners, to no avail.

The Norwegian Parliament has rejected a bill to ban the mining of energy-intensive cryptocurrencies

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According to a transfer report from local newspaper E24, Norway has rejected a Bitcoin bill to end the mining energy-intensive cryptocurrencies. This is after a majority vote passed by parliament. This proposal for improvement was submitted in March by the Rødt Red Party, founded in 2007. It is a merger between the Red Electoral Alliance and the Workers’ Communist Party. Following a review, the Norwegian parliament voted against the legislation proposed by the Communist Red Party. In fact, he was only supported by two other left – wing parties, including the Socialist Left SV and the Green Alliance MdG.

Rødt member Sofie Marhaug said on E24: “ Clearly we are disappointed with most here. According to her, the Norwegian company needs to review its priorities in terms of electricity usage. His party believes that the mining Bitcoin is energy intensive and supports climate change goals.

Rejection of proposal to revise the electricity surcharge

There was a time when Rødt’s party tried to impose extra charges on bitcoin miners. The idea was to apply a flat rate in addition to the standard price for the energy market. Ordinary households, businesses and the public sector pay electricity tax of $ 2.51 per kilowatt. However, industrial and data centers have reduced tax by about $ 0.07 per kilowatt hour.

But the majority of Storting (Norwegian parliament) appears to prioritize the market and pass the bill to Norwegian electricity consumers.“, Marhaug stressed.


Earlier, in February, the Norwegian government demanded that it try not to ban crypto. However, it has made clear its intention to impose certain measures on electricity consumption in the sector. In November, Norway said it was considering solutions to reduce environmental impactminingcryptocurrency and bitcoin.

Given energy shortages and the challenges of reducing emissions, energy use alone cannot be enriched. It must be used to pursue socially beneficial causes. However, a majority of parliamentarians opposed discrimination against the Conradh na Gaeilge centermining. According to them, the opinions issued are based on a politically defined societal benefit.

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