The 3 threats to the bear market, Bitcoin price analysis and predictions by ProfitFarmers

The 3 threats to the bear market, Bitcoin price analysis and predictions by ProfitFarmers

The bear market is there, apparently some are even calling it the new crypto winter. The evolution of the market can never be predicted, but one can educate oneself and understand the past to analyze the present. In this article in partnership with ProfitFarmers we will look at how to optimize your bear market.

Time to train

This three-headed monster is the perfect storm in the cryptocurrency market for traders ‘in the know’, because the sheep are about to be slaughtered again.

Even if you took a hit in this bearish market or started to lose your profits, this expert analysis will get you firmly back on the winning team and ready to hit the bottom of the market cycle.

Heavy claims, we know, but we encourage you to read to the end.

All you have to do is invest 15 minutes of your time to understand some critical catalysts that will put bitcoin under pressure in the coming weeks and why.

You can learn everything you need to know, and sign up to receive free updates on this ever-evolving trading opportunity, by heading to his comprehensive analysis blog.

The 3 dangers of the bear market

1. The Dollar Index (DXY) has suffered a major breakout, risking price levels not seen in 20 years.

2. We already told you about two weeks ago, Three Arrows Capital is in big trouble after a huge loan, even pushing to the point of bankruptcy.

3. It was already in October 2021, the vote for the refund of 150,000 bitcoins in the case of Mount Gox ended and more than 137,000 Bitcoins will be released.

These topics are complex, but thankfully, their trading experts have many years of experience and have taken the time to explain exactly what is going on, and what it means for the price of bitcoin.

Check out their price analysis and predictions, as well as their step-by-step trading guides now.

Return on ProfitFarmers predictions

We know that 15 minutes is a lot to ask in a world where the attention span is a goldfish. So, here are some reasons why you’ll want to take the time to listen to what their experts have to say and maybe even sign up for their free newsletters:

Farmers profit prediction BTC
source: ProfitFarmers

They announced Bitcoin monthly lows in advance and explained how to chart it:

They caught the +26% Bitcoin pump after the dip below the 6.5 SuperTrend:

BTCUSDT profit farmers
source: ProfitFarmers

They regularly help traders navigate the markets through every cycle, not even the worst downturn in crypto history could stop them:

earn profit btc profit farmers
source: ProfitFarmers

If that’s not enough, you can even find their detailed guide covering how to trade bitcoin during the DXY bulldozer just by checking out their analysis on their blog.

If you’ve been patiently waiting for the moment to arrive, it’s time to wake up and come out of your hibernation.

Visit their blog now for a full ‘TRIPLE THREAT’ analysis and a chance to get your hands on it all here:

– The exact price at which experts predict bitcoin will bottom out.

– Trading charts with key levels

– DXY vs BTC trigger guide step by step

– Sign up to get the best analysis, tools, signals and training for FREE.

This could be THE bear market cycle trade and it will only take you 15 minutes to figure out how to profit from it.

The bear market can discourage many investors, but it is also a good time to focus, study the market and learn from past mistakes to better recover from future bear markets. If you really believe in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, then taking the time to learn more about this market can change the way you invest.

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