Texas: Dogecoin (DOGE) fans gathered at the Dogepalooza festival

Texas: Dogecoin (DOGE) fans gathered at the Dogepalooza festival

The first edition of the music festival Dogepalooza brought together “Dogecoin (DOGE) Lovers” at Constellation in Sugar Land, Texas, April 23, 2022. The boundless imagination of Dogecoin (DOGE) organizers and fans no longer surprises us because there are so many surprises in the crypto universe. Few festival goers this year probably believed in fake FYRE mode. Proceeds go to charities.

dogepalooza It is a family-run crypto-festival, open to all and welcoming leading artists. It was probably time to celebrate Dogecoin (DOGE), which would be the cryptocurrency most owned in the US and probably the most playful too.

dogepalooza texas festival SHIBA INU
The Dogeclaren, covered with Shiba Inu

Few people attended the festival for this first edition

Festival goers no doubt believed in a hoax, when others saw a disproportionate rise in plane tickets as the festival approached. Also, perhaps many competitive events popped up at the last minute in the Houston area, competing with the Dogecoin Festival.

Dogecoin (DOGE) to the moon

It’s a close – knit virtual community that has come together for the first time. Julia loved He said of the experience: ” It was great to meet people with whom I have been interacting for so long now and to see everyone’s face “IRL Interactions” humanize the person on the other side of the tweet “.

Lil Mook and sang his “Dogecoin to the Moon” live for the first time.

The headlines at the Dogepalooza festival

Dogepalooza festival texas DOGECOIN

A large number of headlines answered the call, for example Dionne WarwickGrammy Award winner, living legend and icon; Damon Elliottproducer, DJ, singer, musician, songwriter, Grammy Award winner; White Sun., Grammy Award Winning Artist; and 4th Disciple and Priest of Killahmembers of the Wu-Tang Clan not imitating anyone else but them.

Just do Good Everyday or DOGE

All profits were donated to charities. Tickets were $ 65 for general admission, parking, and collector’s NFT (5,000 copies). VIP tickets included $ 150 VIP area, free parking, collector’s NFT (5,000 copies), and very rare collector’s NFT (500 copies). Admission was $ 25 for children ages 4-12 and free for children under 3 years.

American Cancer Society, 4MyCity, Lupus Foundation, American Veterinarians with Disabilities (DAV), Oldham County Humane Society, Multi-Myeloma Research Foundation, Khan Academy, and Cerebral Palsy Foundation.


Visit the festival website Dogepalooza.

Because of the crypto community you should never give up, the organizers plan to organize festivals in honor of Dogecoin around the world. Original charity events in which many sponsors should be involved. This cryptocurrency is not just a beak as it is being accepted by more and more traders.

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Bitcoin (BTC) is a trademark.

Bitcoin (BTC) is a trademark.

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