Surfin Bitcoin in full swing in Biarritz

Surfin Bitcoin bat son plein à Biarritz

The largest conference in Europe dedicated to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, Surfin Bitcoin, is being held until tomorrow in Biarritz. On the program, networking, conferences but also treasure hunts and competitions! Among the speakers are many famous guests as well as selected partner, Ledger, who took advantage of the event to make a big announcement…

40 hours of conferences bring together experts and beginners

Surfin Bitcoin will take residence at the Casino Biarritz from August 25 to 27. The main ambition of this third edition is to offer high quality educational content, both for beginners and seasoned bitcoiners. In addition, the organizers also want to bring together and connecting the European ecosystem Bitcoin players and investors. Finally, Surfin Bitcoin is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet pairs and build new opportunities.

This year, Surfin Bitcoin is thinking a lot and wants to open internationally after two editions in selected committees. The festival is waiting close 2000 attendees, 100 French and English speakers and offers 40 hours of conferences and workshops. The discussion is hosted in two rooms, one general, aimed at different audiences and the other focused on more technical debates.

The conferences planned, on August 26 and 27, are expressed around four thematic axes: finance and regulation, economy and geopolitics, mining and energy and finally, technology. Speakers include Thaddeus Dryja, creator of the Lightning Network, Prince Filip of Serbia, Pascal Gauthier, CEO of Ledger, youtuber Owen Simonin better known under the pseudonym Hasheur or Nicolas Dorier, creator of the BTC Pay Server payment solution.

Networking and competing in the spotlight

Along with conferences, Surfin Bitcoin offers pride of place for meetings. The event opened on August 25 with “Surfing Day”, a day dedicated to exchanges and informal meetings between participants. It concluded with a “networking night”, which brought together speakers, business leaders, journalists and enthusiasts.

In addition, a treasure hunt was held through the streets of Biarritz. In question, 1000 Bitcoin gift cards to be won by players who managed to find the 10 QR codes scattered in the Basque city. In addition, a “Surf to Earn” competition takes place throughout the event and participants are invited to stay as long as possible on a mechanical board in order to win Bitcoins.

Finally, exhibitions were set up, for the occasion, inside the Biarritz casinos, and a screening of the documentary The Satoshi Mystery was held, in the presence of its director, Rémi Forte.

Ledger made an unexpected announcement

The event’s partners include the leading company in terms of hard wallets, Ledger. During this first day of the conference, the CEO of the company, Pascal Gauthier, wanted to make an announcement. Ledger will partner with StakinSatspecializing in Bitcoin savings plans.

This association will allow the one and a half million Ledger product users to directly access the Bitcoin Savings Plan (PEB) offered by StackinSat. According to Pascal Gauthier, this feature is in high demand among the company’s European customers.

In addition, announced Jonhatan Herscovici, co-founder and CEO of StackinSat come with the arrival of various new features. Although few details have been provided, we do know that it will especially be an issue for instant purchase functions. In addition, the fiat payment option via credit and debit card was mentioned, while previously only SEPA transfers were accepted.

Surfin Bitcoin will end tomorrow at the end of another day of conferences, this time focused on mining and technologies. This will emphasize the destruction of the ideas received about the mining of Bitcoin and will distribute the operation and benefits of the Lightning Network. It is currently unknown if there will be a fourth edition. That said, Surfin Bitcoin has not failed in its ambitions this year.

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