Surfin’ Bitcoin: Bitcoins (BTC) against cancer

Surfin' Bitcoin: Bitcoins (BTC) against cancer

Wednesday 31 August 2022 ▪ 1:00 pm ▪

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Every year for the past two years, the Surfin Bitcoin, the largest conference on the Bitcoin (BTC) ecosystem, has been held. For 3 days, almost 2,000 participants came together to discuss various topics. This year had a special flavor, because we were able to respect the philanthropy of the participants in this conference. In fact, the Toulouse Santé Cancer Foundation was able to benefit from some bitcoin donations to fight cancer. A sign of solidarity that reinforces the special bond between this foundation and the crypto industry.

Cryptocurrency Donations to support the Santé Toulouse Cancer Foundation during Surfin’ Bitcoin

The foundation of Toulouse Cancer Santé is still linked to the crypto industry

The IS Toulouse Cancer Health Foundation It is very close to the encryption industry. We remember that in April 2022, she announced the partnership signing with CryptoDePhiconsidered one of the biggest platforms of cryptocurrency fundraising. The foundation supports the financing of all the projects of the Oncopole de Toulouse. These are mainly intended for cancer care research.

If the foundation a special affection for cryptocurrency donations, it is also partly because of the tax advantages it can have. Toulouse Cancer is not the first community to benefit from this type of donation. Several other structures around the world use cryptocurrencies as a a tool to overcome cancer. In this exercise, American Cancer Society He is the pioneer.

François Almaric, general manager of the foundation, rightly said that cryptos are: “the most efficient way to donate”. So Surfin’ Bitcoin Day, held from July 25 to 27, 2022 at the Casino de Biarritz, was an opportunity for the foundation to reach out to souls of good will. She could count on her cryptic father, Benoit Huguetas well as the generosity of other participants.

Bitcoin Surfin Rich in Colors and Crypto Subscriptions

For 3 days, almost 2,000 people gathered for the Surfin Bitcoin 2022 in Biarritz. It is the 3e edition of the largest Bitcoin conference in all of Europe. An opportunity for participants to discover all the secrets that make Bitcoin a rather complex ecosystem. As a reminder, the Surf Day It is a day to meet people and discuss everything related to the ecosystem.

Exchanges take place in a good-natured atmosphere with several activities. It all started with the Networking Night. A special evening where you can meet conference speakers, as well as Very Important Bitcoiner (VIB) to interact with them. The last two days focused on editorial content with fairly specific themes only.

However, this edition will still be special, due to several donations i bitcoin offered to Benoit Huguet to support Toulouse Cancer Santé in its fight. Donors who clearly enjoyed the foundation, did not fail to thank the organizers of the event for their unwavering support.


The 3e edition of Surfin’ Bitcoin just finished and the results are very positive. In addition to the attendance, this edition was special because of the generosity of the participants vis-à-vis the Toulouse Cancer Health Foundation. Some cryptocurrency donations have been given and the foundation has expressed its satisfaction. An original gesture that will do a lot of good for people with cancer. It also adds emphasized the importance of cryptocurrencies to support cancer research andwith you other diseases.

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