Surfin’ Bitcoin 2022 program unveiled

Surfin' Bitcoin 2022 program unveiled

During these two days, many workshops will give Surfin’ Bitcoin 2022 participants the opportunity to discuss topics related to Bitcoin. 38 speakers will be divided into two rooms (Satoshi & Nakamoto). Among them, there are many Bitcoin Core and Lightning Network developers, as well as researchers specializing in the connected environment and computer security.

The conference is organized by StackinSat, which chose to dedicate the conference “Towards a Better Bitcoin” to scientific research on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network in collaboration with the University of Pau, UPPA.

Attractive workshops in perspective

Surfin’ Bitcoin will welcome many players from the crypto world. Gloria Zhao, newly appointed Bitcoin Core Curator, will review a Pull Request on Bitcoin Core. Antoine Poinsot, who will lead two workshops on miniscript and covenants, two major evolutions of Bitcoin allowing the development of smart contracts to advance. Roy Sheinfeld will talk about integrating the Lightning Network into the web, which will pave the way for many new uses for Bitcoin.

Most of the workshops will deal with highly technical topics, related to the Bitcoin protocol and the development tools that use it, but three other topics will also be covered. The first will be about bitcoin mining, its consensus mechanism: proof of work (PoW) and its positive impact on the energy industry and the development of renewable energy. The second will be about privacy, why it’s a critical issue, what to be aware of and the tools to use to protect yourself.

The last part will be about economics and finance, the speakers will discuss the Austrian school of economics in which bitcoin is a part, taxation, wealth management and solutions to serve bitcoin in human business.

“Towards a Better Bitcoin”

StackinSat is a member of the OpenCEMS research chair. In this context, especially under the leadership of Richard Chbeir, its director, the company is organizing the conference Towards Better Bitcoin. It will take place on Saturday 27 August, and aims to connect the academic world with bitcoiners from all walks of life.

Therefore, research papers will be presented on very specific topics related to the Lightning Network and mining pools. Elie Chicha will present an unpublished article on PTLC, an upcoming development of the Lightning Network. This new technology will allow more privacy, but will also introduce new limits. This paper presents a probabilistic approach to solving these emerging problems.

International speakers

1. Gloria Zhao: Bitcoin Core dev

2. Olga Ukolova: COO, Pandora Prime

3. Roy Sheinfeld: CEO, Breez

4. Fodé Diop: CEO, Bitcoin Developers Academy

5. Conor Okus: PM, Spiral

6. Jarol Rodriguez: Bitcoin Core developer

7. Nicolas Dorier: Creator, BTCPayServer

8. Benjamin Tyler Perrin: Creator, BTC Sessions

9. Jordi Herrera Joancomartí: Researcher

10. Stefano Secci: Researcher

11. Elie Chicha: Doctor in CS

12. Morgen Rochard: Financial planner

13. Jaran Mellerud: Analyst

List of French speakers

14. Théo Mogenet: CEO, Bitcoin Institute

15. David St-onge: Bitcoin educator

16. Nicolas Teterel: Author

17. Leo Maurice: Business developer

18. Jérôme Delaire: R&D Engineer

19. Andre Charles Legendre: CEO, Kalima

20. Anonymous Bitcoiner

21. Laurent Salat: Creator, OXT

22. Alexis Sellier: CEO, Radicle

23. Antoine Poinsot: CTO, Renaissance

24. Bastien Teinturier: VP Engineering, Acinq

25. Adrien Lacombe: Engineer, Ledger

26. Nicolas Consigny: Technology Specialist, Ledger

27. Rodrigo Carraresi: HO Dev. Relationships, Ledger

28. Pierre Morizot: CEO, Waltio

29. Antoine Derrien: Founder, 1357

30. Jean-Christophe Busnel: PM, StackinSat 31. Clément Desdonner: Youtuber

32. Julien Wendling: HO R&D, StackinSat

33. Romain Lanusse-Crousse: Reg. Delegate, Delubac

34. Clara Zerbib: Lawyer, ORWL

35. Richard Chbeir: Mathematician & HO OpenCEMS

36. Mr. TK: Youtuber

37. Stephane Petibon: CEO, Datafarm Energy

38. Axel Orgogozo: CTO, QuantsUnited

About the organizer: StackinSat

StackinSat invented the concept of the Bitcoin Savings Plan (“BSP”), a service that makes it very easy to buy bitcoins at regular intervals, weekly or monthly, starting from €10. The company aims to become the benchmark platform for all bitcoin-related services in the coming years (savings, payments, etc.) and will focus its R&D strategy on products and services related to the Lightning Network, technology for the second layer that does. bitcoin more Scalable, greener and facilitates micropayments in bitcoin. StackinSat is the organizer of the Surfin’ Bitcoin conference, the largest Bitcoin conference in Europe, on August 25, 26 and 27, 2022.

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