StarkWare Open Sources A “Zero Knowledge” Technology for Ethereum (ETH)

StarkWare rend open source sa technologie « Zero Knowledge » pour Ethereum (ETH)

The StarkWare company, developing in particular the StarkNet solution for Ethereum (ETH) scaling, has just announced that it is making the StarkNet Prover open source. This is the final step in making all of their “Zero Knowledge Rollups” technology available for free.

StarkWare makes its code open source

StarkWare, the company developing StarkNet and StarkEx solutions working at Ethereum (ETH) scale, announced that it would soon open source its StarkNet Prover technology:

This initiative will allow more people to review the code, which will help detect defects and increase transparency. Furthermore, the community welcomed it, seeing it as an important step towards greater decentralization of StarkNet.

This will add the STARK technology “in its proper place, as a public good to be used for the good of all”, explained Eli Ben-Sasson, president and co-founder of StarkWare, during an event organized on Sunday in Tel Aviv. He also explained:

“This is a big time for the scaling of Ethereum and, in a broader sense, for the cryptocurrency universe. »

The technology in question is currently called STARK Prover and will be renamed Starknet Prover. It will then be placed under the so-called Apache 2.0 license, which will allow Web3 developers to copy and modify the software’s source code.

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StarkWare to support Ethereum

It is no longer a secret, despite the move to Proof-Of-Stake, one of the biggest challenges of the Ethereum blockchain is still scalable. In other words, the ability to process the transaction chain in real time when the number of applications and users increases.

Because of that, StarkWare decided to develop a technology called Zero-Knowledge Rollups. This roughly involves bundling thousands of transactions from the main chain and then verifying them on the main chain for a fraction of the cost.

StarkNet was launched on the Ethereum mainnet in November 2021 in the alpha phase. Since that day, the StarkWare team has gradually released important aspects of its technology, such as the Cairo programming language, for free. The decision announced today is therefore the final step in making all StarkNet software available for free.

For information, StarkWare is valued at $8 billion after a final round of funding in 2022. Famous decentralized applications (dApps) such as Immutable X, Sorare and even dYdX use its StarkEx technology.

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Source: StarkWare press release

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