Solana’s smartphone fell

saga solana telephone

A few weeks ago, Solana exposed her official smartphone designed on Android, the Saga, at a conference held in New York.

Although its launch is currently planned for the the end of the year, pre-orders are already online. And the least we can say is that many people rushed to them.

Disappointing but predictable pre-order numbers

According to data reported by NTherder, a renowned chain analyst, Solana’s smartphone would be accounted for just over 2800 pre-orders nowadays.Solana's smartphone fell

This number is undoubtedly low, probably far below expectations present, but has yet to qualify.

In fact, the “web3 phone” is still a new concept. Although this smartphone is not the first to make such a bet, previous attempts have not yielded results: from the Exodus 1 from HTC to the Finney from Siri Labs, passing BOB from Pundi X, each has at them. he received a disappointing reception.

The idea of ​​a blockchain-powered phone remains familiar to the vast majority of people. The reactions after this announcement went in this direction.

On Twitter, many users were wondering if a smartphone dedicated to web3 was really useful. These questions are fully justified and the gray areas deserve to be clarified. Solana will have to clear his mind in the coming weeks to give hope turn the tide and reinforce his pre-orders.

A significant price, probably to discourage

Beyond the questions and the overall lack of clarity, another factor was undoubtedly a major stumbling block for many people: the price.

With a price that should be around $ 1,000, the Saga is a smartphone that is far from cheap, and even puts itself on the level of high-end phones. Regarding the preliminary order, there was a $100 refundable deposit upstream.

Moreover, on the performance side, we do not find nothing particularly revolutionaryalthough these are of good quality: a 6.67-inch OLED screen, 12 GB of RAM, 512 GB of storage and a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor.

Since a smartphone without a history is marketed at such a high price risks dissuade many peopleeven the most curious.

Relevant features despite everything

Despite this more than mixed reception from the public, Saga Solana a an ambitious and innovative project in many ways.

This smartphone aims to facilitate Web3 transactions, DApps development and digital asset management on mobile phones. This desire is to simplify the web3, to make it more accessible more than necessary.

As correctly stated Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of Solana :

We live our lives on mobile devices, not on the web3

This lack of security and the management of private keys on mobile phones must be resolved in the long term. Without a significant improvement in the mobile experience, web3 will not be accepted by consumers it’s not likely to happen anytime soon. In this sense, the Saga could be a card to start a revolution, or at least big changes, in this new universe.

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