Solana (SOL), the unmarked pirate thanks to NFT?

Solana (SOL), the unmarked pirate thanks to NFT?

In the early hours of August 3rd, the Solana ecosystem reported that it was the subject of a massive and organized attack, affecting more than 8,000 wallets with several tokens supported by it. The platform then announced the launch of investigations in collaboration with other teams. Here, to find the source of the attack and shed light on this business.

Solana saved by a white hat ?

If Solana acts on her side to get her hands on the author of the attacks, we learn that her white hack the puzzle would be solved. The latter, who uses the nickname @lordnarfz0g on Twitter, is a regular on the hunt for hackers. He used a security flaw in NFTs to achieve it and it only took him 15 minutes.

In fact, the security weakness of NFTs allows a dishonest person to collect a lot of data through a single non-fungible token. By coding a program linked to the opening of an NFT by its owner, the metadata request made at the time of the click can be extracted. The hacker can retrieve this data, including the victim’s IP address.

Thanks to this technique, the hacker was caught when he received the signal. The operation then allowed the white hat to recover the IP address of the thief, which would be according to the first comments purse Puka.

The white hat he said that the NFT he sent is just a black and white photo showing naked women.

The contribution of white hat in Solana’s efforts to find the hacker who attacked its users’ accounts, the problem will be solved faster. We can expect to find out his identity in the coming days.

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