Solana (SOL) inaugurates physical stores

Solana (SOL) inaugurates physical stores

Solana (SOL) recently announced the opening of Solana Spaces NYC representing a series of stores and businesses. He precisely initiated his “first sales space in the Web3 sector”, offering the first IRL experience in the field. Note that IRL experience refers to what happens in “real life”, as opposed to virtual. That said, to launch Solana Spaces NYC, Solana collaborated with several companies, including the Solana Foundation. We note the participation of Phantom, STEPN, the DeFi project Orca, Metaplex and the technology company Magic Eden.

The first sales area was launched

According to tweet on July 28, Solana Spaces NYC announced the opening of its first store. It’s about “the world’s first retail and education space dedicated to Web3“. It will give consumers an opportunitylearn more about SOL and other blockchains. The space offersa variety of tutorials, programs, and experiences for people new to cryptocurrency, often offering unique rewards for participation“.

In this new environment, you will be able to collect NFT badges and various awards. This will be an opportunity to discover Solana projects such as STEPN and Orca. Solana plans to install an interactive art tool to visualize activity on the blockchain in real time. Visitors will be able to watch itinside new blocks“as well as”interesting transactions“.

In addition, you will be able to discover in real life the first phone Saga. And when it’s available,you can buy it and configure it on the site“. Solana Spaces NYC plans to rotate IRL experiences and offer new exclusives every month.

Solana (SOL) collaborated with various brands, designers and NFT collections to launch its first physical store in Hudson Yards. The first sales space it offers promises to introduce visitors to a wide range of Sol products and many other crypto projects. After all, from the hack that has just affected the ecosystem, we can only wish good winds for this new project.

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Bitcoin (BTC), supporters can buy their tickets!

Bitcoin (BTC), supporters can buy their tickets!

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