Solana: Orca partners with Stripe to facilitate fiat currency transactions!

Solana : Orca s’associe à Stripe pour faciliter les transactions en monnaie fiat !

For many, blockchain development is inevitably about making it accessible to as many people as possible. A feature on which Orca, the largest DEX of the Solana blockchain, plans to act. The platform has just announced the integration of Stripe, to facilitate transactions.

Orca Partners with Stripe!

Market maker Orca has just teamed up with Stripe in an effort to democratize fiat-crypto transactions on the exchange. The purpose of this association is between the two entities democratize access to decentralized finance (DeFi).. Stripe integration in Orca must also allow transactions from one fiat currency to another.

This association now allows users to buy tokens like SOL or USDC using fiat currencies. Ori Kawn, the founder of Orca, believes that the integration of Stripe opens up a range of possibilities for the exchange but also for users of the Solana blockchain:

With this new integration, we hope to make participation in the DeFi ecosystem even more accessible to the entire Solana community.

Good to know: Stripe is a company that focuses on online payments for businesses. The company’s main customers include Deliveroo, Mano Mano, La Redoute and hotel booking center Booking.

Stripe: a company used to cryptographic projects!

Between Stripe and Orca, the integration should work like clockwork. Because the American company has already collaborated with other crypto players and seems to understand the issues inherent in this sector.

Since last March, Stripe has been collaborating with many players such as, Just Mining or the unconventional FTX platform. Earlier this year, Stripe even worked with the social network Twitter. The purpose of this collaboration was then to create a payment program in USDC through the Polygon blockchain reward creators.

Solana hits hard dropping FTX!

While the entire crypto universe suffered the consequences of the collapse of the FTX platform, some projects suffered more than others. This is especially true in Solana, which lost more than 30% of its value on the day of November 10, the day before the official bankruptcy of the SBF empire was announced.

Today, one SOL token is trading for less than $14. At its peak just over a year ago, the asset was trading for $260. In 12 months, 95% of the project’s valuation has skyrocketed. But because of that, the teams of developers keep marching on and on.

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