Solana opens its first physical store in New York!

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The information was leaked on social networks a few months ago. It’s now official: the Solana blockchain is launching its first physical store. And what could be better than New York City for this launch with great fanfare?

Download web 3 in real life

We can already see some of them raising their eyes. Why would you want to open a physical store for a blockchain protocol, which, by definition, works entirely online? If the approach can be questioned, Solana justifies it because she wants to import web 3 to a new audience. If the community does not go to web 3, then web 3 must go to the community.

Through this physical store, the consumer will be able to get support to better understand blockchain technologies or web application areas 3. Awareness workshops are planned for this purpose. To prepare for the launch, the Solana project leaders had launched the Twitter account Solana spaces. An account was opened last April and already showed the project in the light of day, from the first tweet:

Download web 3 into the

As early as June, the account was posting ads to hire various profiles for its physical store. With no date announced for the official opening, the project became more and more concrete.

Shop to spread Solana culture!

If the main ambition is to raise awareness of digital assets and web 3, through workshops, the Solana Spaces will also serve to promote the brand image of the blockchain of the same name. In a way, this physical treasure could become the symbol of the Solana culture. As Solana Spaces points out:

We’ll be the event host, launch and purveyor of Solana culture – including a whole new line of merchandise, and frequent limited edition collaborations with brands inside and outside of crypto. We’ll set you up with a wallet and your first NFTs, and guide you through your first on-chain transactions.

Inside the store, Solana-stamped products can already be bought: shoes, bags, or even t-shirts already adorn the shelves. By popping into Solana Spaces, the consumer will also be able to discover the projects hosted on the Solana blockchain such as the Stepn universe. This physical place was also designed as a meeting and exchange place for the Solana community.

The shop will also be used to promote pop-up events. In August, consumers will be able to come and see pop-up Degen Ape Academy. Competitions will also be organized regularly to win gifts. In addition, the Solana Spaces has an NFT gallery.

What about the first returns?

Recently opened, the Solana store seems to be unanimous. As this enthusiastic Twitter user seems to think:

I just left Solana Spaces. There is no other word to describe it than “BULLISH”. The location in New York is amazing. Imagine a clothing store with interactive experiences in every display area.

If you happen to be in New York in the coming weeks, you might be tempted to make a trip to Hudson Yards. But for now, the store is only open to certain preview visitors. Eventually, Solana Spaces will remain open 7 days a week.

Solana: XXL ambitions!

This launch is ultimately in line with the desire to grow the Solana blockchain. Already firmly established among the top potential “Ethereum Killer” altcoins, the blockchain is also looking to diversify. Therefore, it is already positioned as Ethereum’s main competitor in the NFT segment. According to data from CryptoSlam, the Solana blockchain is gradually catching up with Ethereum.

Solana is also very involved in metaverse themes and is constantly trying to diversify its offering. After all, assuming the role of the Ethereum killer requires you to base yourself on many themes. Even if it means sometimes suffering a few failures.

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