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Here's why Solana (SOL) could explode as AiDoge (AI) raises $13 million in capital

The digital landscape is changing rapidly and Solana is no exception. One of Solana’s most exciting projects is the Saga phone, known as Web3’s flagship phone of the Ethereum alternative protocol. This device represents the next generation of the internet, called Web3, and could play a vital role in the future development of Solana prices.

Solana’s Saga phone, recently reviewed in China, gives users a direct connection to the Solana network and encourages users to create or link a Solana wallet. This direct integration of cryptocurrency infrastructure into an everyday device like a phone can increase the overall adoption and use of Solana and other digital assets.

A unique feature of the Saga phone is the integrated Seed Vault and dApp storage. The testers looked closely at these central parts of the device to ensure that they are secure and easy to use. These unique features highlight the phone’s ability to drive the adoption and use of Solana and other cryptocurrencies on a wider scale.

Solana launches Web3 Smartphone Saga
Source: BeInCrypto

The Saga phone’s potential impact on Solana’s price is also noteworthy. Previous reviews of the phone have already raised the price. After a review of the phone by YouTube channel The Defiant, Solana’s price rose 7 percent in just three days. Given this development, there is every chance that more positive reports about the Saga phone could push Solana’s price even higher.

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The combination of innovative technology and the potential for wider market coverage makes the Solana Saga phone an exciting development in the cryptocurrency space and could act as a catalyst for Solana’s value in the future.

Solana’s Current Price and Outlook: Potential for Huge Deals?

The price of Solana (SOL) has seen some interesting movements recently that may be of interest to both existing and potential investors. After analyzing the current price history, it is suggested that Solana could see a continuous upward movement provided certain conditions are met.

Over the past few days, Solana has been able to identify a support zone and break away from it, resulting in a slight increase in price in the meantime. This support level sits around $16 and Solana seems keen not to breach this level. However, if the price of SOL breaks below this line, we could see an extension of the pullback.

A medium-term look at the price of SOL shows that it has risen slightly since June 16 when it was $14.90 and has returned about 5% since then. If the price remains above the key support zone of $15.95-$15.25, the uptrend may resume and a move towards the $21.34 level could begin. The first target on this path is $18.78.

However, if the price of SOL breaks below the $15.25 support on a daily basis, the downturn could extend to the $14.50 level. If the price closes below this level, the downturn could even extend to the daily support at $13.61.

EcoTerra – Solana’s preferred sustainable investment option

The crypto world has developed rapidly in recent years, and in addition to the well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Solana, there are also a large number of projects that rely on sustainable solutions. One such promising project is EcoTerra with its $ECOTERRA cryptocurrency.

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This is an innovative crypto project dedicated to fighting the climate crisis. The project empowers users to tackle the climate crisis while earning money through its revolutionary mobile app. The app is based on the concept of โ€œRecycle2Earnโ€ where users can scan their daily recyclable household waste and get instant rewards.

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EcoTerra operation is simple and efficient. After downloading the mobile app, users bring recyclable household items such as plastic/glass bottles and cardboard boxes to a supermarket equipped with a Reverse Vending Machine (RVM). They then scan the item’s barcode and place it in the RVM. The RVMs are available in thousands of supermarkets worldwide.

The app then uses its AI-powered algorithm and database to assign a value to the item before instantly transferring $ECOTERRA tokens to the user’s wallet. These tokens can then be sold on an exchange to make cash.

EcoTerra is already partnered with multinational supermarket company Ahold Delhaize, which operates more than 1,000 stores in the US, including Food Lion and Stop & Shop, and thousands more in Europe and Asia. This partnership allows users to earn extra tokens if they have solar panels, for example, simply by scanning their electricity bill.

One of EcoTerra’s most distinctive characteristics is its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. The platform has a Carbon Offset Market where environmentally conscious users can use their earned ECOTERRA tokens to buy climate credits and support other green projects. Those projects will be fully audited and verified and could include ocean cleanup or reforestation, among others. Users also receive NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) for their environmental contributions.

ECOTERRA’s $ token pre-sale offers investors a great opportunity to get involved in this promising project. The PreSale allows investors to participate at a discounted price and lay a strong foundation for future growth. It’s worth noting that the presale has already raised over $5.5 million and is on the verge of selling out.

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EcoTerra is undoubtedly one of the best sustainable investment options besides Solana. The project not only allows users to take action against the climate crisis, but also to receive financial rewards. The partnerships with major supermarket companies and the innovative Recycle2Earn concept make EcoTerra a promising project.


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