Solana is the best performing cryptocurrency in 2023, but Metropoly will beat it –

Solana is the best performing cryptocurrency in 2023, but Metropoly will beat it -

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Solana has had a good year so far. Despite being 92.04% lower than the all-time high of $260.06 recorded at the end of 2021, the token surprised investors a bit in 2023. It started the year at $9.96, now it is around $22.16 as of 2/28/ 2023.

SOL is good, but is it solid?

However, the long-term prospects for SOL remain murky. Due to the collapse of FTX and the lack of integration with the grid, SOL investors do not have much to look forward to. It is also doubtful whether SOL will maintain its jump in price. More blockchains are emerging in this space that are faster and more efficient. Aptos, Casper and Optimism are good examples of this. For SOL investors, it might be time to look at something more tangible – how Metroplacht.

Why a city? It is the world’s first NFT marketplace backed by real estate. Therefore, the value of NFTs and METRO tokens are largely immune to the ebb and flow of the crypto market. Leading industry publications have named Metropoly’s assets as one of the best hedges against inflation this year. The Metropoly community is not limited to the crypto world. Anyone interested in investing in real estate is welcome to participate in the project. This also emphasizes the mass appeal of the sign.

Let’s take a closer look at Metropoly and understand how its real-world use cases give it an advantage over popular crypto coins and tokens.

Real estate investments without banks, paperwork or hidden fees

If you have tried to buy or sell property in the past, you should know that the traditional real estate market is in need of an overhaul. The system is ridiculously slow, expensive, and crowded with middlemen. It takes between two months and a year to trade a property.

On the other hand, it is also one of the best investments out there. A roof over your head is a basic necessity. Whether we’re sleeping, working, entertaining or on holiday, it’s nice to have a roof over our heads. As the population increases, land and buildings are quickly occupied. Rental properties are no longer limited to apartments. A renewed interest in tourism thanks to Instagram and TikTok has fueled the demand for vacation rentals. Passive income from real estate can hardly be neglected.

Real estate should be accessible to everyone, not just the wealthy. Everyone should have the opportunity to invest their savings in something reliable, like real estate. Otherwise, this will increase economic and social inequality. This is where Metropoly comes in. The NFT platform simplifies and decentralizes the global real estate market by leveraging the decentralized, improvable nature of blockchain technology.

Because NFTs allow the ownership and transfer of real estate to be tracked without a network of middlemen, the cost and time involved in real estate trading is significantly reduced. It allows hundreds of people to come together and own property without dealing with endless paperwork.

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How does this work?

Metropoly models NFTs backed by hand-picked properties from around the world. Because these NFTs would be too expensive for a single person to own, they are split into fractional NFTs and sold for as little as $100 on the Metropoly NFT Marketplace. To understand how the platform works, visit here Metropoly Beta Panelwho is alive now.

Here are the main benefits of owning real estate with Metropoly.

Invest in Real Estate with Crypto

First, it is with a increase in value and passive income, just like real property. The platform distributes the rental income from the property among the shareholders of the NFT. And you can always resell the real estate NFTs on the market if you want. The IS liquidity Assets are much higher compared to traditional assets. As the value of the underlying asset increases, so does the value of the NFT.

The NFTs are fractional already from 100 USD available. This allows you to diversify your portfolio and manage risk better. As you are simultaneously investing in multiple properties in different locations with different utility services, your profitability will improve. The IS diversification protects your portfolio from volatility.

There are more. The IS metropolis team located in London, Dubai and Ontario takes care of the maintenance and search for tenants. They have years of experience leading successful international companies, including both institutional and blockchain real estate companies.

Invest early in Metropoly for high returns

The cheapest gateway to Metropoly is now open. In the eighth phase of the Metropoly presale, the METRO tokens will be sold at a direct price of USD 0.05 per token. Since the price will continue to increase in the next stages of the pre-sale and the stock market listings will keep driving the prices higher, it is better to invest in METRO early. The capped supply 1B gives plenty of room for the growth signal. You can participate in the presale with USDT, ETH or BNB deposits.

Metropolis services compared

In addition to its relevance to the market, its credibility is one of the main factors that explains the widespread acceptance of the pre-sale. The project released the beta version of its panel in January 2023. The second version followed in February with extensions for functions such as trading, auctions and mortgages. The panel meets expectations and inspires confidence in the future of the project.

Also, the METRO smart contract has been audited by CertiK, one of the most trusted blockchain security companies. Staff identities were also verified through an extensive KYC process, eliminating the risk of exploitation.

If the METRO presale keeps up the pace, it will be sold out in a few days. Stock market listings after the presale can push the project up the charts and give presale participants up to a 10x return. And if the project reaches its milestones as planned in the roadmap, it can join the $1B club in no time with the support of the crypto and real estate communities. Metropoly is setting a new standard for crypto projects by exploring the true potential of blockchain innovation in the real world. It’s not about money grabs, it’s not about collectibles, it’s about use cases that matter.

Don’t lose

The minimum amount for METRO presale is 100 USD. If you own at least $100 worth of METRO, you have a chance to a Burj Khalifa Apartment $1M to receive what is to be forgiven. It can bring in up to $100,000 in rental income. Anyone who completes all the tasks listed in the contest (mainly spreading Metropoly) can participate.

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Last updated on February 28, 2023

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