Solana has a minimal carbon footprint, but this new encryption could make the difference


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The environment is an important topic and the crypto industry is no exception. More projects and more concern about the ecology and including its carbon footprint.

That is why Solana made an announcement in this regard offer more transparency about its carbon emissions. In addition, many new projects focus on making a positive impact on the environment, this is especially true with ecoterra!

Solana monitors its carbon footprint in real time

A few days ago, Solana took to Twitter to announce an important symbolic newcomer. In fact, the Solana blockchain will be one of the first measure your carbon emissions and accessible to everyone in real time thanks to a partnership with TryCarbonara.

As a reminder there is Solana one of the most important cryptocurrencies the first layer in the industry. Especially used for many Play to Earn projects, it still hosts many DApps of all kinds.

Therefore, the Solana blockchain or more directly the servers that feed it have eaten 10,650 tonnes of carbon dioxide in the last 12 months, ending April 1, 2023. This represents approximately 8 London – New York flights by plane.

As a result, despite the fact that Solana is one of the most used cryptos thanks to its environmental efforts and its desire to be transparent about its energy consumption unpolluted network.

On the contrary, Bitcoin is one of the most corrupt cryptocurrencies, especially by using the Proof of Work protocol. Therefore, every year on the Bitcoin it produces as much carbon emissions as a small country. This is the reason in particular that the crypto industry is energy intensive and extremely corrupt that earned it a lot of criticism in the first place.

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More and more crypto projects are turning to ecology, including ecoterra

Measuring your carbon footprint is a good start. There is much more to be done, as suggested by Greenpeace in particular, who want Bitcoin to switch to the Proof-of-Stake protocol to reduce energy consumption.

Therefore, many blockchains with much less energy have emerged such as Solana, Cardano or Algorand, but today, we also see projects that are entirely focused on the environment and this is especially true for ecoterra.

Indeed, there is ecoterra the first Recycle-to-Earn, that is to say a project that rewards its users through its platform. The goal is to raise awareness of recycling and at the same time offer individuals the means to do so on many products and also allow companies to highlight their products that facilitate the environmental contribution this.

Crypto-assets are a risky investment.

Take part in the ecoterra presale

As a result, the ecoterra pre-sale started a few weeks ago and already more than $2.8 million raised showing public interest in such a project.

Therefore, if you want to participate, do not hesitate to read our guide on how to buy ECOTERRA tokens knowing that the current price $0.007 and the listing price is $0.01.

Source: ecoterra

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