Solana Crypto Smartphone – Can SOL Reach $1,000 This Year?

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Solana Labs is the company behind the popular Solana blockchain, best known for providing smart contracts. The company wants a crypto-optimized Android-based smartphone in May 2023 send. Can that force a SOL course?

The smartphone with the label “Saga” It is optimized for Web3 technologies and the use of cryptography. These are on the smartphone Installed dApps based on blockchain technologies and the hardware is optimized for security when using cryptocurrencies.

The main purpose of the smartphone is to process and control smart contracts quickly and securely. Other smartphones can do that too, but Saga is supposed to be optimized for it. That is possible Make a significant impact on the SOL courseat least if Saga is successful.

Solana takes advantage of Saga’s new Android blockchain smartphone

In addition, Solana can be pushed through various Solana casinos. However, the current focus is clearly on Saga as the driver of the SOL course. Of course, crypto casinos are very popular at the moment, not only at SOL.

It is enough to expect that Encrypted casino users depends on Saga as much as investors who mainly want to trade cryptocurrencies or use other blockchain actions based on smart contracts.

There is room for improvement on the Solana course

Solana’s course has gone well this year already. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement here due to new projects like Saga. The new device will cost around $1,000 and will also be used as a hardware wallet in the future.

through the less decrease in bitcoin and Ethereum other cryptocurrencies, such as SOL, will also be affected. However, in most cases these also increase with Bitcoin and Ethereum if the framework data is correct. Right now, things are looking friendly for the crypto market and specifically for SOL as well.

In the last few months, the various cryptocurrencies have been successful and through that Capella/Shanghai update, Ethereum has completed its transition to Proof of Stake (PoS).. This can pull up the course and well-known cryptocurrencies like SOL at the same time.

Solana is a few percent below that right now Annual high of $27, and prices are averaging around $21-22 this year. There is still room for improvement.

Can SOL break the resistance at $27?

If SOL manages to break the resistance at 27 US dollars, and this can happen quickly thanks to Saga, the price can jump significantly up, easily towards 40 US dollars.

If the conditions are sustainable, highs from last year can also be achieved. Technically, the SOL chart looks good. Of course, a lot depends on the success of the new smartphone.

Active users are very high on the Solana blockchain and through the a growing trend Decentralized finance (DeFi) will also benefit Solana, as the blockchain is well known in this area.

If Solana also breaks the $50 highs, the price can reach all-time highs Direction $260 also break through, it can go further up. Whether that happens this year or in the next two years depends on a number of factors.

Of course, in this case, the company’s profits must be increased significantly. This can currently only be achieved through a smartphone. In addition, for this to happen, the general crypto market must also rise and the Bitcoin and Ethereum top dogs too.

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Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile, unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

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