Solana Collapse starts with a potential 45% Drop Price

Solana Collapse starts with a potential 45% Drop Price

Solana (SOL) fell on May 26, continuing its decline from the previous day amid a broader recession in the cryptocurrency market.

Banner Breakdown Current SOL Price

The price of SOL fell more than 13% to about $ 41.60, its lowest level in almost two weeks. In particular, the SOL / USD pair also broke out what looks like a “bearish pennant,” a classic technical pattern whose appearance is usually preceded by further bearish movements in a market.

In detail, bearish pennants are seen when a price is trading within a range defined by downward trend resistance and upward trend support.

Pennant Bear configuration. Source: ThinkMarkets

These patterns after a price break reverse the lower trend, accompanied by higher volumes. According to the rule of technical analysis, traders decide on the profit target of the flag after adding the lower leg length of the previous one (known as the “flag pole”) to the breaking point.

SOL suffered a similar pause after closing below its pennant lower trend on May 25, as seen below. In theory, Solana’s profit target is close to $ 23, down 45% from the May 26 price.

SOL / USD daily chart with calligraphy bear pattern. Source: TradingLife

However, a bearish SOL pen breakout was not accompanied by a spike in trade volumes, suggesting that traders are not fully sold on the move. This may prompt the signal to repeat the bottom trendline of the pen as a resistance.

In addition, the bearish penny set risks being invalidated if the trend line and the 20-day exponential moving average (20-day EMA; green wave) near $ 57.59 succeeds as the next target .

Conversely, the withdrawal of SOL’s profit target could hold close to $ 23, with $ 35.50 – the low level on May 12 that preceded a strong rebound – as interim support.

Confluence Solana price support

SOL is also trading near a support confluence, which includes multi-month horizontal and upward trend lines.

SOL / USD weekly price chart. Source: Trade View

The horizontal trendline near $ 45.75 acted as a resistance during the April-August 2021 session and then turned into support between January 2022 and March 2022. Meanwhile, the upward trend is limiting SOL’s extended bearish efforts from March 2021.

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As the two trends converge, they could become a psychological entry point for investors with a long-term bullish outlook. This would mean that SOL would bounce back towards its next target near $ 79, which is in line with multi – month downward trend resistance.

On the other hand, a continued decline in the Solana SOL market would jeopardize another massive decline, as shown in the bearish pennant pattern above.

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