Solana before the price explosion! What top analysts expect

Solana before the price explosion!  What top analysts expect

Is Solana (SOL) The Only Basis That Will Lead The Recovery In Encrypted Markets And Increase Value? SOL has lost almost 50% in the last four weeks – but top analysts are bullish on Ethereum peers, expecting a massive recovery. Should you buy Solana now?

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Solana: 85% drop from record high

With a meteoric rise to an all-time high of around $ 260 in November 2021, Solana (SOL) had a difficult time: The rival Ethereum had a steady decline ahead just after it peaked. , and as a result he had to lose a massive 85. % over the last few months (data from


Currently from $ 260 to $ 39.23 – a severe loss that all late investors feel more severe. However, forecasts and analysts are still bullish on the fast smart contract platform – so recovery is not like a matter of time.

Popular crypto trader DonAlt, for example, warns in new video analysis that altcoins are more painful and most assets could still crash up to 70%. With Solana, however, he only expects temporary losses and considers the base fit for the accumulation – just like Dogecoin (DOGE) and exchange tokens (BNB or FTX token, for example):

“I think Solana is a good bet. Exchange signals will be a good bet. I would imagine that Dogecoin, to be honest, will also go high enough. ”

While the analyst expects these cryptocurrencies to fall before a rally, he says:

“Here are some bases I want to look at.”

Two factors are given as the main reason in the visual analysis: familiarity and liquidity. Background: Investors would primarily invest in coins while strengthening bull markets, ie of which they are familiar.

Here is a full analysis of DonAlt.

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Is the 50% price explosion coming?

Pentoshi (Pentosh1 on Twitter) is also bullish on Solana’s expectations in a new analysis. In his estimate, when we are in a bear market – However, he expects price jumps for some coins. Below: Solana (SOL).

Its prognosis: Solana will explode 50% in the coming weeks! Pentosh1 via Solana:

“It simply came to our notice then.

Odds and history say this price is likely to rise more than people think.

I think we’re looking at $ 58-60. “

The optimistic outlook for Solana is in line with the latest forecast from, which sees Solana $ 294.22 a year from now (+ 650%)even at $ 2,333 by 2027 (+ 5,848%)!

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Last updated June 7, 2022

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