Solana again a victim of hacking!

Solana à nouveau victime d’un piratage !

A new case of a suspected hack on the Solana blockchain. This time, it looks like the hack is affecting Phantom and Slope users. The size of the hack? About 8 million dollars according to the first estimates.

More than 8 million dollars stolen!

As is often the case, the alert came from Twitter. Since yesterday, many users report hacks of which they are victims. Warning messages about transferring funds from Phantom and/or Fana wallets to cold wallets are increasing.

yesterday, PeckShield Twitter Investigator to point out that the piracy was probably due to fault in the “supply chain”. A flaw exploited by hackers who managed to steal hundreds of private keys. According to his estimates, 8 million dollars would have been stolen after this new hack. The Twitter account @nftpeasant estimated the amount of losses at 6 million on the Phantom wallets alone. To steal the sum, it only took the hacker(s) about ten minutes. As revealed by the Twitter user, the hack allegedly resulted in the loss of over $500,000 in USDC by a Phantom user.

In the confusion, Phantom also responded to this hack by stating that it is actively working on the problem. However, the statement from the crypto firm clarifies that this is unlikely to be a Phantom-specific issue.

Solana again a victim of hack!

Slope said he is currently working on it Solana Laboratories and other Solana-based protocols to identify and address the problem. However, the protocol considers that there would be “no major progress”. Meanwhile, NFT platform Magic Eden has asked users to revoke permissions for any suspicious links within their Phantom wallet.

If the hack seems very real, it’s hard to attribute the errors to any actor. Lack of security within a protocol? A new flaw in the Solana blockchain? Liability issues are still completely open.

Wallet funded through Binance?

Contrary to what we sometimes hear, the blockchain ultimately offers more transparency than any other payment method. By tracing the operations, “scam detective” @zachxbt was able to point out that the hackers financed the main wallet involved in yesterday’s attack, through the Binance platform. The offending portfolio was already funded 7 months ago.

As Twittos points out, the transaction history remained empty until the day of the attack. 10 minutes before, the hackers made transactions using 4 separate wallets.

The number of hacked wallets is also discussed. According to data from Mist Track, nearly 8,000 separate wallets were compromised. The founder of Ava Labs estimates for his part that this number would be closer to 7,000. But it was increasing by about 20 per minute at the time the estimate was published. The transactions appear to be properly signed, which would support the hypothesis of full access to the users’ private keys. For Phantom or Fana users, caution is still in order!

Solana had a big impact on hacking and network failures!

Often touted as one of the most credible Ethereum Killers, the Solana network is struggling to find stability. As evidenced by the numerous network failures or even certain hacks. At the beginning of the year, the blockchain suffered a very significant hack: 321 million dollars, after the hack of Wormhole, the bridge token that connected Solana to Ethereum.

If confirmed, this new hack could have significant ramifications for the Solana project.

Either way, the news is already having an impact on the markets. So the price of the SOL lost more than 2.15% in the last 24 hours, in the context of a bullish market (+ 3%).

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