So you can still make money with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

So you can still make money with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

While some inexperienced investors are panicking and withdrawing from their investments following the recent crash on the financial markets, and perhaps even selling them at a loss, experienced investors are taking advantage of the minutes to stock more on Bitcoin, altcoins or stocks and increase their portfolios to increase much lower prices.

Bitcoin with horror values ​​could invite investment

Current figures from CryptoQuant analysts show that most Bitcoin owners are now selling short-term because they fear another downward spiral. On average, they have held their BTC for less than three months and have therefore sold their investment at a significant loss. Because BTC / USD was last listed as low as yesterday’s trading day at the end of 2020.

Looking sober, though, it looks like bitcoin can currently be bought for around $ 30,000. A few months ago it cost more than double. Seen in this way, the correction now offers the opportunity to buy BTC relatively cheaply – with a discount of more than 50 percent compared to the all-time highs last autumn. Buying the float is one of many interesting options for making money with cryptocurrencies, as the overview shows.

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Buy cheap bitcoin and sell high

So buying bitcoin and other altcoins at current prices can be a great opportunity to make money from cryptocurrencies. While there are no guarantees that prices will not fall again, most analysts agree that a strong bounce will return sooner or later. Then BTC could be a real bargain at $ 30,000.

For example, analysts from Wallet Investor estimate that the price of BTC / USD will rise back to more than $ 54,000 within a year. That was a proud increase of 80 percent compared to the current listing. So if you buy bitcoin now, you would already have a big return in a year. Provided, of course, that the analysts’ forecasts are correct.

Analysts set their price target even by 2027 at just under $ 137,000. Hence, Bitcoin could increase its current value by more than 350 percent. With the purchase of bitcoin alone, a profit of more than $ 100,000 could be achieved. Of course, traditional savings investments do not come close to offering such potential for profit.

And of course the chances of return could be even higher with different Altcoins. Because the volatility of coins like Cardano, Solana or XRP is much higher than that of Bitcoin, simply due to its market capitalization, it cannot be pushed or raised in price as high as Altcoins.

And so it’s no surprise to experienced analysts that the correction for many altcoins was 80 or even 90 percent, much higher than for BTC. Conversely, in a bull market, prices then rise much more than Bitcoin in percentage terms. Increases of 10x and more, as seen in 2021, can deliver strong results for cryptocurrency buyers at current cheap prices for years to come.

Discount prices for Lucky Block Token and DeFi Coin as an opportunity

Two altcoin projects that finds very interesting and questionable about the growth potential of the Lucky Block Token and the Defi Coin. The LBLOCK token can currently be purchased for $ 0.001.

Since its launch a few months ago, the opportunity to grab the online lottery token has never been so cheap.

The Defi Coin could also offer an interesting entry point. While the token price has already risen dramatically by more than 400 percent with the launch of the Defi Swap exchange, the DEFC / USD price has fallen again by 30 percent to $ 0.38 compared to the peak. This could be a great buying opportunity right now.
DeFi Coin DeFiCoinSwap

Bitcoin, Cardano and Co: Making money by trading, mining and betting

Trading this asset on crypto exchanges promises even higher profit potential than buying Bitcoin and altcoins. Because when you trade with leverage, price movements can often increase and the yield increase accordingly. And trading not only allows experienced investors to bet on rising prices, but also to take advantage of market corrections like those currently taking place through short trading. Skillful trading can increase the value of your own portfolio even if the entire market is losing money.

However, trading naturally requires that you understand something on the subject. And the essence of all trading is to understand technical chart analysis. Only people who know their way around here can make money trading. Everyone else should stay away from this option, because the chances of losing money are much higher than making money. Caution is advised, especially when trading levers with volatile Altcoins. Staking 2

It is much more relaxing to earn money with cryptocurrencies when you are at stake. This allows users to make available their cryptocurrency to verify transactions in the blockchain. So you participate in the operation of the network, you contribute to its stability and you are rewarded with compensation. Depending on the promised provider, a handsome annual passive income can be achieved, as explains in this article.

Instead of leaving your crypto tokens lying in your wallet, staking offers the opportunity to generate additional passive income by using your cryptocurrencies in the network – regardless of whether the price is rising or falling. Anyone involved in the betting process can validate transactions in the blockchain. The user then receives corresponding rewards for the use of his capital and confirmation of the transaction.

However, there is no promised option on the Bitcoin network as it is based on a proof-of-work mechanism and the blocks are “sworn”. In view of the current electricity costs and the necessary resources in terms of computing capacity, there is currently little interest in mining, at least for private individuals.

Win in competitions and lotteries

Another opportunity to make money with cryptocurrencies is to participate in sweepstakes. For example, various crypto exchanges offer the prospect of participating in campaigns that win big cash and content prizes. For example, by forming trade teams and measuring yourself against other teams.

The Lucky Block lottery will also begin soon. This is the first free blockchain-based gold rush that rewards token holders and charities. So participants can benefit in a variety of ways. On the one hand through the wonderful prizes that are won every day. On the other hand, through the reward of lucky token block owners. And last but not least, the participants also support a good cause.

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