Signs of a bull run! And Ethereum seems to be slowly waking up too – buy now?

Signs of a bull run!  And Ethereum seems to be slowly waking up too - buy now?

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Bitcoin has failed to build significant strength in recent weeks. Ethereum, the second most valuable cryptocurrency, is also boring with its price action. However, a new analysis by chain researchers at Santiment now shows hopeful signs – signs that point to a bull run in the future. Was it worth buying now?

Will bitcoin rise again?

What’s next for Bitcoin? Analysts and forecasts have not been as uncertain as in the current phase of the market for a long time. The head, including the best Kaleo traders, who anticipated up to $40,000, the others, including crypto strategist Nicholas Merten, predicted a crash to $12,000. Who will be right?

Bitcoin is currently trading at $27,275 after rising +1.53% in the last 24 hours, still above the critical resistance at $27.2k. On the other hand, Ethereum gained +2.26% and is trading at $1,852.

The weak green on the charts could be a bullish bearer. The blockchain researchers from Santiment at least comment: BTC and ETH are currently recording a historically low supply of coins on the crypto exchanges, more and more investors are moving their holdings to self-maintained wallets. This is generally seen as a positive sign. asylum:

“In both Bitcoin and Ethereum, an increasing share of the current supply is being shifted to self-storage. Although not a perfect indicator, falling bases on exchanges tend to indicate that future bull runs are timed out.”

Bearish, however: trading volume is currently declining rapidly.

“The largest assets in crypto are seeing historically low levels in trading volume. Altcoin volume in particular has really dried up. And with only $BTC & $ETH volume combined, this is the second lowest we’ve seen since September 2019.”

Many investors are currently investing in so-called pre-sales, ie in cryptocurrencies that cannot yet be bought on the open market but can only be obtained from the developers. Here the coins are still available cheaply, since they have not yet participated in a price explosion. One of the most requested ones right now: AiDoge (AI), an AI-powered meme coin project.

AiDoge raises $12 million in capital

Forecasters expect a strong performance by AiDoge (AI) in the coming months – crypto influencer Jacob Bury, for example, is predicting a 100x, ie hundredfold increase in value. Is the next 100x coin coming here?

Background: AiDoge (AI) combines the fields of meme growth and artificial intelligence (à la ChatGPT), develops a meme generator and a platform for memes. In the presale, AiDoge (AI) was able to raise 11.9 million dollars in capital – this shows the huge interest in the project.

Bullish for investors: AiDoge is the first meme coin with a so-called meme-to-earn model. This means: With AiDoge, users can create and share high-quality viral memes using artificial intelligence – and are even rewarded with the AI ​​token.

Those who join now also get better conditions: 1 AI currently costs $0.0000324, but in 4 days and 8 hours the price will increase to $0.0000328.

Here for the AI ​​DOGE Presale

Last updated on 23 May 2023

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