Should Investors Buy Bitcoin Now? 5 reasons to get into bitcoin in 2023

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Many crypto investors are currently asking: “Should I get into Bitcoin now?“There’s a lot to be said for him. In this post we show 5 reasons why you should get into bitcoin now. In addition, we show an alternative or supplement that also represents a wise investment.

Bitcoin is already this year went very well and the price has risen steadily. Overall the Cryptocurrency already up 60 percentand it looks like this may continue now.

1. If Bitcoin exceeds $27,000, the way to the upside is open

Bitcoin is currently struggling with the $27,000 resistance, but has breached this level several times. The largest cryptocurrency can still be expected to rise well above $30,000 this year. Of course, other new cryptocurrencies also benefit from this.

The forecast for Bitcoin is also more than promising at the moment, with some analysts predicting that the cryptocurrency could climb above $100,000.

In order to gain experience with eToro and buying Bitcoin, it may make sense to test the platform. Because some of the various services and functions of the trusted crypto broker can even be used for free.

2. Telegram allows paying with Bitcoin via credit cards

Telegram now gives Messenger users the option to make credit card payments with Bitcoin. This opens up new opportunities for new customers and a wide segment of the population to bet on Bitcoin.

Due to the increasing support of bitcoin, it can be expected that the price will continue to rise. Of course, other promising cryptocurrencies also benefit from this.

Credit card payments in Bitcoin are not all. Telegram users can Buy bitcoin via bank transfer. Here, too, the TON network of Telegram developers is used as a basis.

3. NFT on Bitcoin blockchain is becoming more popular

With the new ordinals protocol, data can be stored in the descriptions of bitcoins. This option is mainly used in connection with NFTs, as NFTs in the Bitcoin blockchain can also be used in this way.

Of course, this has a huge impact on the popularity of the cryptocurrency and prices are likely to rise in the short and long term. Many developers take advantage of this fact by mining NFTs directly in Bitcoin, or even “transferring” NFTs from Ethereum to Bitcoin.

4. Ripple won a case against the SEC

A few days ago, Ripple won the case against the SEC. The main question here was whether cryptocurrencies can be classified as securities. That is not the case in the judge’s view.

This news is boosting the price of cryptocurrencies and is also good news for coin launches. Along with XRP, the value of Bitcoin is likely to increase significantly in the future.

5. Blackrock Launches Bitcoin ETF: iShares Bitcoin Trust

Blackrock has been in the cryptocurrency space for a long time. Now the world’s largest wealth manager has filed with the SEC for a Bitcoin ETF. For now, it looks like the SEC will approve the fund.

Bitcoin Alternative BTC20 can give more returns than Bitcoin

Bitcoin may be a very good investment in 2023. However, with BTC20, there is a new cryptocurrency that could be one of the coins that will explode in price in 2023. BTC20 forms Bitcoin with the course since 2011 in the Etherum blockchain after.

That means the cryptocurrency can benefit from the good news of Bitcoin while still benefiting from the Ethereum blockchain. At the same time, BTC20 enables staking, allowing investors to generate passive income.

One is buying the cryptocurrency Presale price $1 possible per coin. In 2011 it was 6.05 million bitcoins. The same number of coins from BTC20 are in presale. The IS The total supply of BTC20 is 21 million pieces.

is currently there Already over $1,500,000 in sales came together. This shows the huge interest in the new cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency is big lower energy consumption than bitcoin. One of the reasons for this is that the Ethereum blockchain is based on the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. put.

BTC20 rewards stakeholders based on the percentage of the staking pool they own and the block production rate of the original bitcoin chain since 2011.

Cryptocurrencies with potential in 2023


Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile, unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

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