Shiba Inu and Dogecoin are dead – is Battle Infinity the best alternative?

Shiba Inu and Dogecoin are dead - is Battle Infinity the best alternative?

The spectacular victory of meme coins Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE) came to an abrupt end in 2022. After many price explosions, many investors got out of the recent market downturn – this sent prices under pressure. Some believe: Shiba Inu Coin and Dogecoin are dead – and they won’t go back to their all-time wins. But there are other options for investors interested in new coins – such as the new metaverse gaming platform NFT Battle Infinity (IBAT).

Strictly speaking, Shiba Inu Coin and Dogecoin are not dead, because: SHIB and DOGE could only be a temporary lull, after which the meme coins will rise to new heights again. However, the following must be taken into account: Retail investors are much more interested in new cryptocurrencies – and that’s driving up prices.


Background: Older coins that have already increased market caps usually struggle to build enough buying pressure to move the price. New cryptocurrencies with a small market capitalization are something different. Here, even small investment amounts are enough to raise the price of the token significantly. So many investors are looking specifically for new, small coins – such as Battle Infinity (IBAT).

What is Infinity Battle (IBAT)?

The project is still in the early stages of development – but the team has big plans and promises an unprecedented, crypto-based gaming experience. The developers have a vision of a huge, virtual world that includes, in addition to play-to-earn gaming features, betting functions, a decentralized crypto exchange and an NFT market for users.

Battle Infinity (IBAT) combines numerous aspects of gaming and crypto – the newcomer consists of a total of six individual components: IBAT PREMIER LEAGUE, IBAT BATTLE SWAP, IBAT BATTLE MARKET, IBAT BATTLE GAMES, IBAT BATTLE ARENA and IBAT BATTLE STAKE.

They should all mesh together like cogs and thus enable a unique experience. The model: Blockchain gaming megahit NFT Axie Infinity (AXS), as confirmed by IBAT founder Suresh Joshi.

“It’s been hard work, but we’re so excited to introduce Battle Infinity to the world with the start of pre-orders. Battle Infinity aims high – we are the new Axie Infinity but with transparent pools where players can draw their earnings from.

In fact, with the “IBAT BATTLE STAKE” module, the project relies on transparent stake pools that players can use to generate passive income. How does staking work in detail in Battle Infinity?

Battle Infinity offers 3 staking functions at the same time

There are three different betting options available to Battle Infinity players:

  • Individual bets: With this type of stick you can use your IBAT tokens bet directly to earn a return. The project creates liquidity pools based on monthly, semi-annual and annual periods.
  • Duo Bets: As the name suggests, with this type of betting you can use your IBAT tokens pair with any other sign and then involved the pair on the Infinity Battle platform. This way you will get new coins automatically without having to do anything for them.
  • Betting by crates: This type of staking involves buying NFT crates from the Battle Infinity “Battle Market” and then unlocking them with the appropriate NFT Key – a type of digital game of chance, like the loot boxes known from gambling.

But the project promises not only attractive crypto functions, but also a comprehensive gaming metaverse – with everything that goes with it.

Buy Battle Infinity now in presale

These features make Battle Infinity so attractive

Despite the many building blocks, the developers describe Battle Infinity as an intuitive and easy-to-use ecosystem. The reason: The components should be optimally matched to each other.

The IBAT PREMIER LEAGUE, for example, is the cornerstone of the Battle Infinity platform: the world’s first NFT-based decentralized fantasy sports game with an integrated blockchain. Here you can create your own team of virtual players and battle against players from all over the world – all while making money.

Through the IBAT PREMIER LEAGUE, users connect their wallets, they can then access their account and play the game. After that, users interact with the BEP721 and BEP20 contracts through the wallet – this is how the items are managed and traded (eg NFTs). Live sports can also be broadcast – via event feed APIs that can access sports, player, league, game and other data.

Battle Infinity vs Axie Infinity: the comparison

As mentioned, Battle Infinity (IBAT) is trying to dismantle Axie Infinity (AXS). The “Infinity” in this title already suggests it. But what do the two blockchain NFT games have in common – and what makes them different?

Axie Infinity home page

The handling of digital assets in the game is identical in both blockchain projects. With both Axie Infinity and Battle Infinity, your assets are truly yours – in other words: You have full control over them, you can sell them for other cryptocurrencies. They are also an integral part of both platforms: non-mixed tokens, ie NFTs.

Battle Infinity even has its own market for NFTs, the IBAT Battle Market. Here creators can browse, buy and sell their artwork and advertise their assets – for example in the battlefield, on billboards and more. Participants, on the other hand, have the opportunity to buy or upgrade their avatar or land and other assets on the Battle Market as well as all other game items to monetize.

Otherwise, the two projects have fundamentally different visions and concepts. Axie Infinity tries to impress with digital collectibles and cuddly toy optics. On the other hand, Battle Infinity wants to offer the player a complex metaverse of play-to-earn games, fantasy sports, mini-games and NFT games.

Technically, too, Axie Infinity and Battle Infinity use different bases: During Infinity Battle (IBAT) the Binance Smart Chain uses low cost, fast, Axie Infinity is based on the Ethereum blockchain.

This has already driven some users to despair due to its sometimes slow transaction speed and outrageous fees. An issue the developers are trying to avoid with Battle Infinity’s in-game economy. Using the Binance Smart Chain, for example, it is also worth selling cheaper NFTs, since network fees do not eat up the proceeds.

Buy Battle Infinity – how it works

The Battle Infinity token, IBAT, is currently in pre-sale. Industry observers believe that a price explosion is possible – for example when the token is sent on the decentralized PancakeSwap exchange.

That should now be the case at the end of the pre-sale in October. If you want to buy IBAT, I will show you how to do it in this guide. The following three steps are necessary:

  • 1. Set up a Metamask wallet. It is very easy and does not require much knowledge. All you need is a supported browser and then you have to install the MetaMask browser extension (preferably download it directly from the MetaMask home page)
  • 2. Connect your wallet to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Now you are ready for the last step!

Connect Infinity Battle Wallet

  • 3. Now you can buy IBAT tokens in exchange for BNB. Note: During the pre-sale period, 1 IBAT costs $0.0015. The minimum purchase amount is 0.1 BNB and the maximum purchase amount is 500 BNB.

Notice: To buy IBAT you need BNB (Binance Coin) in your wallet. BNB is available from numerous crypto brokers and exchanges, such as, or eToro.

Important: Investing in a new cryptocurrency carries risk – this also applies to Battle Infinity (IBAT). Even if a project looks promising, the platform may fall short of expectations or the team may not keep their promises. The following applies: DYOR – Do Your Own Research! Do your own thorough research before deciding whether or not to buy.

Buy Battle Infinity now in presale

Last updated on July 21, 2022

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