Run a half bull – this week! Top analyst sees Litecoin price explosion – These 2 coins also offer potential

Run a half bull - this week!  Top analyst sees Litecoin price explosion - These 2 coins also offer potential

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Litecoin (LTC), the No. 1 cryptocurrency 12 by market cap, gearing up for a new bull run: A halving is around the corner, prompting top analysts to predict a rally. The new cryptocurrencies Wall Street Memes (WSM) and Launchpad.XYZ (LPX) are also currently showing bullish momentum. Was it worth starting?

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Litecoin: Bull Running at the door?

Litecoin (LTC) has been quietly climbing for quite some time: the annual performance shows an increase of almost +37%, but only on a monthly (+0.77%) and weekly (-0.46%) basis it is currently slowing down the increase . However, according to reputable analysts, Litecoin could soon be moving explosively higher:. The reason: Half is just around the corner!

Brief explanation for the uninitiated: With the so-called halving (also known as halving), the number of newly issued Litecoin (LTC) is reduced by 50% (hence the name in half) – this time from 12.5 to 6.25 LTC. Litecoin is therefore becoming rarer and therefore potentially more valuable, which is why the spread is considered an important event for LTC. It is designed to contain the inflation of the cryptocurrency and increase its value. The next halving is expected to happen in August 2023 – and according to analysts, the LTC price could rise significantly.

Because: If the supply of LTC falls while the demand remains the same or increases, the price rises. At the same time, the spread has a psychological effect on the market: many investors may see the halving as a sign of the maturity and stability of the LTC and place more confidence in it. In addition, the change will increase media attention and public interest in LTC – potentially increasing demand as well.

The top analyst Michael van de Poppe, for example, is convinced: If Litecoin manages to clear the resistance at $93 this week, the half rally could already start!

This is bullish for Litecoin, because in the past the price of the cryptocurrency exploded after each half: The first half happened, for example, in August 2015. The course rose beforehand from about 1.5 dollars in January 2015 to around 8 dollars in July 2015 (+433%). However, after the halving in September 2015, the rate fell back to around $3. The same thing happened in the second half in August 2019: the price rose from around $30 in January 2019 to around $140 in June 2019 (+366%), but then fell back to around for $50 in December.

How will the Litecoin course behave after the next half? Although this is difficult to predict because there are many factors that affect the price. But one thing is certain: Historically, it is important to time the exit perfectly, because LTC has always crashed afterwards. If you want to get started: Buying Litecoin with Paypal is a practical option. Instead, those interested in emerging cryptocurrencies might look to two new coins: Wall Street Memes (WSM) and Launchpad.XYZ – both of which have momentum on their side now and in among the most successful recent pre-sales. Why is that?

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Bullish Momentum: Wall Street Memes (WSM) & Launchpad.XYZ

Wall Street Memes (WSM) and Launchpad.XYZ (LPX) were able to collect record pre-sale volumes within a very short time. Investors are heavily reliant on these coins right now – and for good reason.

Wall Street Memes Coin (WSM): The new top meme coin Wall Street Memes (WSM) is considered the hottest innovation in the meme coin space. It is based on the well-known online community Wall Street Memes, which has more than 1 million devoted followers on social media such as Twitter, Reddit and Discord. Coin concept: Wall Street Memes wants to use the power of memes to change the world of finance – while offering fun and profits to investors.

This is worrying, because the pre-sale of WSM tokens is already fully successful: within a few days, WSM was able to collect more than $1 million in capital, and analysts see huge growth potential. Wall Street Memes is just a joke – it’s a cryptocurrency with a strong community, a real advantage and a concrete vision: WSM should be one of the best meme coins, if not THE most successful meme coin ever.

Launchpad.XYZ (LPX): The world of cryptocurrencies is often complex and confusing – the content can be confusing, especially for beginners. This is where Launchpad.XYZ comes in: The project is developing an all-in-one contact point for everything related to crypto and Web3, and wants to make it easy for beginners to invest in the best projects. The platform uses high-performance artificial intelligence for this: It comprehensively analyzes the various crypto offerings and helps investors make the best investment decisions. This is successful: In the current presale, LPX was able to raise almost 800,000 dollars in capital from investors!

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June Bitcoin price forecast: 27.276 US dollars according to ChatGPT!  Wall Street Memes is already pumping in $900,000!  -

June Bitcoin price forecast: 27.276 US dollars according to ChatGPT! Wall Street Memes is already pumping in $900,000! –

Wall Street Memes $WSM

We asked Google Bard AI about the price of Bitcoin and Wall Street Memes Coin brings in 1 million! Which investments make sense now?