Ropsten Ethereum testnet ready for the compound ‘s’ first dress rehearsal’

Ropsten Ethereum testnet ready for the compound 's' first dress rehearsal'

Ropsten testnet to be implemented on Ethereum network is ready to set the stage for the “first dress” exercise of the compound to adopt the consensus mechanism “Proof of Bet(PoS).

Tim Beiko, Ethereum’s core developer Notice On Tuesday a new beacon chain was launched for Ropsten. It will act as a precursor to the final test fusion, which is expected to occur “around June 8”.

Ropsten Merger announces Ethereum’s oldest TestW PoW in progress! A new beacon chain was launched today, and the merger is expected around June 8 on the network. Node Operators: This is the first dress rehearsal – Tim Beiko | timbeiko.eth (@TimBeiko) May 30, 2022

The Ropsten testnet is one of many test bases for Ethereum clients. It mimics some aspects of the Ethereum mainnet, including the use of valueless ether (ETH) form to run transactions and the coding environment, but changes to it do not affect the mainnet.

Ropsten is also Ethereum ‘s oldest proof of work (PoW) test network, launched in 2016.

The establishment of the Ropsten beacon chain was a great success! There are a few offline validators and as a result of testing, everyone can follow the progress here:—terence.eth (@ terencechain) May 30, 2022

When Ropsten finally experiences his own merger, he will give us our first glimpse of what the real merger on the Ethereum mainnet might look like. The resulting effects on testnet, its applications, and its customers will give developers a first look at what to expect from the mainnet merge and how to avoid problems.

Beiko said there are still some things that node developers and operators need to prepare for by the date of the Ropsten merger. The Beacon chain should launch the latest update, and the mining difficulty, called TTD, on the PoW side should be determined.

The upgrade will come first, followed by the TTD, “which should be chosen before we reach two – thirds of June,” Beiko added.

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The merger is one of the most anticipated events in the history of the Ethereum network, as it will achieve several goals. It will convert the Ethereum PoW consensus algorithm to PoS, make the network much more energy efficient, and change the network name to Consensus Layer, formerly known as Eth2. The operation is expected to take place in August this year.

Despite the optimism of thousands of Ethereum users, the merger is unlikely to reduce gas charges on the network.

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