Peter Schiff: Get off the Bitcoin (BTC) ship now!

Peter Schiff: Get off the Bitcoin (BTC) ship now!

No corner one day, no corner yet. This is how we can qualify Peter Schiff, the man who predicted the end of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. It’s no surprise anymore believers when he proposes to abandon those assets. They are used to seeing him tease his anger on cryptos and accommodation.

Peter Schiff describes bitcoin as ” sinking ship »

Will Peter Schiff ever be able to get rid of his hatred for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? In any case, he does not miss an opportunity to denigrate the currency created by Satoshi as soon as he thinks so. That is why he was awarded the status of “Bitcoin pioneer in spite of himself” in 2020.

Recently, the founder of SchiffGold challenged bitcoiners on Twitter. He was advising them to dice bitcoin well before it goes around.

For the boss of the deficient bank Euro Pacific Capital, ​​the floor of 20,000 dollars consolidated with bitcoin would be illusory. At this level, the queen of cryptocurrencies would mislead investors. The latter is encouraged to buy BTC by crediting this “ false floor “.

Markets rarely give investors time to buy lows. Bitcoin has traded close to $20,000 in the last 12 days. $20K is more likely to come across as a false bottom, giving the naive plenty of time to board a sinking boat. Better to abandon ship before the bottom collapses. »

Laughing stock of the crypto community?

Peter Schiff is one of the most famous shepherds bitcoin. This leading economist, podcast and a gold advocate, worth $80 million, gained notoriety with a series of BTC and ETH collapse predictions.

But let’s not forget that he also owns a Puerto Rican bank that just filed for bankruptcy. Didn’t he tweet a message explaining the collapse of this institution a month ago, following allegations of tax evasion and money laundering?

Schiff’s problems with Euro Pacific earned him irony from the crypto community and Nayib Bukele at the time.

After learning of these difficulties, some Internet users suggested that he invest in cryptocurrencies to recover the money lost with Euro Pacific.

Peter Schiff, who wants to be a good investment advisor, seems to have lost his credibility when his bank collapsed in Puerto Rico. But because the cryptocurrency market is going through a bad patch right now, he takes the liberty of giving us some advice that will prepare us for a possible fall in bitcoin. At the time of writing, bitcoin is trading at $19,044.88 on CoinGecko. Schiff, is he telling the truth when he calls bitcoin ” sinking ship »? The aspiring man advised this so-called expert on economics and finance, Nayib Bukele, to be patient in these troubled times.

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