Partnership with Google for Solana!

Un partenariat avec Google pour Solana !

The Solana Breakpoint conference was rich in announcements for one of the main projects of the blockchain ecosystem. Among them: access to new smartphones, dApp Store but above all a partnership with the giant Google! Back to these big ads!

The high mass made in Solana

Solana Breakpoint is here annual conference around the Solana ecosystem. The second took place in Lisbon from 4 to 7 November. She collects the key ecosystem projects and it allows in particular to evaluate the progress of the latter.

On the occasion of this event, Solana took the opportunity to make a series of interesting advertisements. Among these announcements, we especially see the Solana store in Miami, one of the most crypto-friendly cities in the world.

Partnership with Google for Solana!

The future Solana store in the city of Miami (source:

Solana Spaces CEO Virbu Norby says anyone can now build their own Solana store. These stores will rely on GeoNFTs, non-fungible tokens that allow users to geotag an area in their city. The CEO of Solana Spaces explains:

If you have GeoNFT, you can redeem it 1 for 1 with the exclusive rights to open a Solana store in that region.

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The Solana Saga smartphone for 2023

Solana presented its smartphone, the Saga, a few months ago. We now know that the smartphones made in Solana will come out in 2023 no more precision for the time on the exact release date.

One of the arguments of the development teams of these smartphones is the possibility of safe storage crypto wallet private keys. On the equipment side, this smartphone will have a Qualcomm processor for optimal efficiency.

The pre-orders for this model were just shy of a few months ago. We hope for Solana that the users will be present during the launch of this new product!

New dApp store

Another big announcement, Solana will be launching the App store. In order to improve user experience and therefore accepting crypto-currencies, the teams will launch a store that will be approaching what we know in the world of Web2.

In addition, Solana promises to eliminate various fees, revenues and charges on this Solana App Store commitments sent we will watch carefully!

Partnership with Google!

But the biggest announcement is undoubtedly the Solana’s partnership with Google. In fact, Google Cloud will soon be a validator on the Solana network. Google Cou is in the process of setting up a Solana validator to be able to produce blocks and thus actively participate in the network and its security.

this Blockchain Node Engine from Google Cloud which was first announced on October 27 and will be present on the Solana network from next year. This is a big announcement for Solana and he welcomes it giant as a collector on its blockchain. In addition, Google Cloud will index of various network data and integrate them with BigQuery. Therefore, developers will have easy access to historical data of the network.

This news was received enthusiastically by investors. Between 5 and 6 November, the SOL gained more than 25%. It has since undergone a significant correction, certainly following announcements related to the potential insolvency of Alameda Research. In fact, the investment fund one of the largest holders of SOL and one of the main supports of the project.

Still, these ads and especially the The partnership with Google caused a stir. The arrival of one of the Internet giants and the global economy is ignored. It reinforces the legitimacy of Solana and the trust observers and investors in this project. Despite the potential problems of the network, especially in terms of failures, Solana is still one of the projects the most effective and innovative of the ecosystem.

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