Now Ethereum is ready for The Merge

Now Ethereum is ready for The Merge

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Ethereum’s 13th and final shadow fork was made – with no apparent problems, according to the developers. The merger can come.

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Ethereum: The Merge can come

In frantic preparation for Ethereum’s long-awaited “The Merge” upgrade, the network’s developers are running one test after another. The goal: to make sure everything goes smoothly when the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap transitions to proof of issue sometime next week.


Ethereum has just successfully completed what its developers call “the full dress preview” for the historic and massive upgrade. Now it is likely to take place between September 13 and September 15.

The 13th shadow fork of the Ethereum mainnet went live a few hours ago – apparently without any problems. Shadow forks focus on the dry run of the update, testing potential issues and simulating the transition of the underlying mechanism of the Ethereum mainnet from the current proof-of-stake mining model to proof-of-stake.

Several Ethereum developers have confirmed the success of the latest shadow fork of the network. “There were no problems,” according to Ethereum core developer Marius Van Der Wijden.

Bellatrix still has problems

During Bellatrix, a major pre-merger upgrade, the Ethereum network experienced some troubles when the block loss rate increased by about 1,700%.

The “missed block rate” measures how often the Ethereum network fails to verify a transaction block scheduled for validation. This issue usually affects about 0.5% of blocks. In the hours after Bellatrix’s upgrade, that number rose to 9%.

Ethereum developers attribute the problem to a lack of preparation by some node operators whose clients had not yet been updated to the software suitable for merging. Node operators are the people and organizations that keep the backend infrastructure of the Ethereum network running.

At the time of the Bellatrix upgrade, 25.2% of Ethereum nodes had not yet updated their software. Currently (at the time of writing this article) this number has dropped to 15.4% according to Ethernodes.

According to Ethereum core developer Terence Tsao, today’s shadow fork tested the missing block rate issue and showed that it works “basically perfectly”.

The network’s developers have been doing fitting exercises almost weekly for the past few months, testing every scenario that could derail or delay execution. With billions of dollars worth of digital assets, applications, and decentralized financial instruments built on top of the Ethereum network, the margin for error is minimal.

The Ethereum developers have repeatedly confirmed that The Merge will go exactly as planned. However, the trials continued. Perhaps mainly to give the developers some security.

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