Nigel Green is predicting an end-of-year bitcoin rally

Nigel Green is predicting an end-of-year bitcoin rally

Once again, the crypto flagship is at the center of the fair. Digital assets will never cease to inspire discussion. As the value of the crypto market hits record lows, some investors remain optimistic. For Nigel Green, a significant increase in bitcoin (BTC) is expected in the fourth quarter of this year.

Bitcoin (BTC) will rebound according to Nigel Green

The fall in the market worries many investors. More and more people are considering selling their assets to protect themselves from losses. This phenomenon reduces the confidence that people had in these assets. Sometimes, however, market volatility is the strong point in this sector. When we think that it is the end, an event takes place to restart the prices.

Many cryptos have been getting bad reviews since the markets fell. But nonetheless, they stay in the race and continue their momentum. While experts predict that some cryptos will expire, they are receiving more and more sympathy from investors despite their bearish prices. However, only a recovery of the markets could restore the confidence of the holders of these crypto assets.

However, others are still optimistic and believe in the future of cryptocurrencies. This is the case of Nigel Green, CEO of Devere group. For him, bitcoin will rise significantly by the end of the year. According to him, the correlation of BTC with major global stock markets is a clue to bitcoin reconnection.

In fact, when fiat currencies go up like the dollar, the price of the main cryptocurrency falls. The current market downturn is near the bottom. So there is no doubt that a rally is about to happen.

Another indicator to consider is investor reaction. As inflation progresses, more and more investors are using BTC as a shield. This stems from the fact that the latter prefers to return to more risky assets. For the CEO of Devere Group, this is another key factor that will drive a bitcoin rally.

Bitcoin for better protection against inflation?

Crypto-currencies are a curiosity that attracts many people. However, only the most seasonal stays there. Digital assets are easy to profit from, except for those who understand the market. While some are vigilant, others think they are the best protection against inflation. Hedge fund manager Paul Tudor and venture capitalist Tim Draper agree.

More and more individuals, businesses and even countries are embracing bitcoin. Because of this, many people consider the crypto flagship as an alternative to fiat currencies. According to a survey conducted in April, 70% of people believe that cryptos is a reliable investment. 80% believe bitcoin will outperform traditional investments. And 68% of institutional investors actively recommend cryptocurrencies in investment strategies.

The price of Bitcoin has fallen over 26% in the last year and 2.5% in the last 24 hours. However, that does not seem to detract from Nigel Green’s enthusiasm. The war between Russia and Ukraine is also affecting the rise of bitcoin that will occur in the fourth quarter of this year according to CEO Devere. In fact, the sanctions imposed against Russia have led people to think about an alternative to the US dollar.

Investor reactions to the future of cryptocurrencies are factors due to the rise of bitcoin that will occur at the end of the year according to Nigel Green’s forecast. According to him, the use of BTC as an alternative to high inflation is a positive point to recover the first digital currency. In addition, imminent regulation would be an additional safeguard and at the same time, a factor in the bitcoin rebound.


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