NFT Star Atlas game based on Solana supported by Epic Games!

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Video game company and 3D engine provider Epic Games has been very active in NFT games recently, first with the launch of its first blockchain-based title, Blankos Block Party, and then with a second addition announced on Friday.

The space strategy game Star Atlas, described as one of the most ambitious NFT game projects based on Solana, has just hit the Epic Games Store as a limited demo, although the game is unlikely to come to fruition for a few years. .

A demo of the NFT Star Atlas game was launched

The demo, qualified as “pre-alpha” and named Star Atlas: Showroom, allows you to see the Unreal Engine 5 technology that powers the game in action. explore a 3D environment and view the ships and vehicles they have acquired as NFTs.

In addition, it should be noted that this exhibition of Star Atlas is only accessible to owners of the NFT game. It is indeed necessary to own a ship and join one of the factions of the game to access key to get.

However, AMTA, the company that develops Star Atlas, clarified through its CEO that the exhibition only offers non-NFT ships to explore, and that certain non-owners will be given certain access codes.

The Showroom demo is also expected to be updated later with additional features. These include a multiplayer mode, live chat, and the ability for owners of NFT vessels to fly them.

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A game development toolkit on the Solana blockchain

In addition to the Star Atlas demo, Epic Games also launched a toolkit on Friday that will make it easier for other video game companies to integrate their own games with the Solana blockchain.

This developer toolkit is an open source SDK named Software Development Foundation (F-KIT), which integrates a system that allows users to sign transactions to perform in-game actions.

The release of the F-KIT as an open source tool means that “mainstream studios now have a faster lane” to build games on Solana, according to the Epic Games boss.

He also clarified that the equipment will be able to be extended to other blockchains, such as Ethereum, emphasizing that the company’s ultimate goal is to encourage the industry to “build experiences that expand the Star Atlas universe”.

When will the final version of NFT Star Atlas game be released?

Despite the fact that a demo is available immediately, it’s important to point out that players should expect the development of the final game to take several more years. In fact, the Star Atlas demo released on Friday is just a taste of the full gaming experience in the future.

In fact, Epic’s CEO has estimated that it will take another five to six years of development to reach the full final version of Star Atlas.

However, the launch of the demo is a very exciting step. Apart from the features that will be added to the demo by the end of the year and in 2023, Epic Games plans to release a full “vertical slice” of the game, ie a fully functional, but limited part of the game that will give. a much more accurate idea of ​​the final rendering of the game.

“We still have a long way to go,” said the Chief Executive. “But the idea is to continually release these iterative features to keep getting more engagement.”

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