New partnership with Transak: Can TAMA now explode as Dogecoin?

New partnership with Transak: Can TAMA now explode as Dogecoin?

The cryptocurrency meme Dogecoin saw a lot of hype in 2022, including by Tesla Boss Elon Musk. Now there are signs that Tamadoge could go down a similar path.

First it was announced that the team had already received a pre-financing of 10 million USD, now the Transak service is to be integrated into the offer.

Market observers are already assuming that Tamadoge is the next coin with explosive potential.

Partnership with Transak

Transak, the London-based startup that enables users to easily buy cryptocurrencies with more than 28 fiat payment methods, today announces its partnership with Tamadoge. The partnership aims to enable Tamadoge users to buy $ETH quickly and easily through the Transak platform, using payment methods such as credit/debit card, ApplePay, GooglePay, Pix, Maya, SEPA payments and bank transfer .

“From seasoned crypto enthusiasts to avid gamers new to the crypto world, we want to offer everyone a fun and safe experience where they can feel confident in the fiat to crypto process. That is why we are delighted to be working with Transak. We already recommend Transak as the best payment method for receiving cryptocurrencies, and as we grow we want to partner with secure, like-minded companies that put users first,” said Carl Dawkins, Head of Growth at Tamadoge.

With the Transak platform supporting the Tamadoge onboarding process, users can seamlessly convert fiat currencies to $ETH, ensuring that they can take full advantage of blockchain technology without encountering any hitches.

Tamadoge: The next meme base

The new cryptocurrency Tamadoge is currently still in the presale, but this may end soon, because 10 million USD has already been raised, 60% of the tokens intended for the presale have already been sold.

The new cryptocurrency is already showing a lot of potential with these numbers. The combination of high demand and the friendly meme look is currently causing a stir in the crypto world.

The new coin is also getting a lot of support on social media, with Tamadoge’s official Twitter page already boasting 38,000 followers. The Telegram group is already used by 21,000 members.

Tamadoge provides access to a play game to earn with the purchase of the token. In the game, coin owners slip into the role of a dog owner who has to take care of his little Shiba-inu.

By taking care of the animal, the player is rewarded in the form of tokens. These can then be spent on in-game items or deposited into the linked wallet. Also, players can battle their NFT-based pets against each other when they reach the required rank on the leaderboard.

Such PVP games are already established in other crypto projects, but Tamadoge is different here at the reward program.

Doge Points are awarded to players who win a PVP battle. Once a month, the player who collected the most Dogepoints will be named Tamadoge Coins.

Tamadoge’s long term plans

Investors assume that Tamadoge can look forward to a bright future. The team behind Tamadoge has many plans for 2023. After the CEX listings, partnerships with the Metaverse project and more CEX listings will follow in early 2023.

An AR-based app will then be released in April 2023, where players can take care of their pets in AR mode. The highly successful game Pokemon Go also has an AR mode that Pokemon trainers can use to catch their Pokemons in real life.

A beta version of the app is expected to be released in the last quarter of this year.

The symptoms of deflation are also very important in the forecasts. Tamadoge wipes out 5% of every transaction. For example, an in-game purchase worth 1,000 coins will delete 50 coins.

With this principle, the value of the coin increases steadily even when demand is stagnant, as the number of coins decreases with each transaction.

In total there will be a supply of 2 billion Tamadoge coins. 100 million will be sold during the pre-sale, 600 million will be harvested over 10 years, this should cement the future of Tamadoge. There are no transaction fees on the coin, the idea behind it is that the project finances and stabilizes itself and does not do this through the fees.

With these concrete and tangible plans, Tamadoge developers want to stand out from previous meme coins and show that, unlike others, they are a serious cryptocurrency.

The Tamadoge contract code has been checked by Solid Proof and classified as safe, and the developers have also been verified by Coinspiner.

Why an investment may be worthwhile

Interested parties should not wait too long to buy, as investors can only get a discount in the pre-sale; if that ends soon, a price increase is planned.

Tamadoge recently completed the third phase of the presale, leaving four to go. During each stage, 100 million Tamadoge Tokens can be purchased, but with each stage they are 25% more expensive.

Given existing uses and proposed uses, Tamadoge may have the potential for a major price gain in 2023.

With the Metaverse and the Play-2-Earn principle, Tamadoge wants to be the best Metaverse game for its users. The plans outlined in the white paper and the numbers so far could ensure the success of the base.

Some observers in the crypto world even assume that Tamadoge is trying to replace Dogecoin. That’s why there are rumors that Elon Musk has invested in Tamadoge or even bought the project.

Whether and how big the Tamadoge project will be remains to be seen. How sustainable and profitable the course will develop and whether there will be any talk of the new meme base next year. However, the developments and figures to date indicate a dynamic path that Tamadoge is currently taking.

How to buy Tamadoge tokens

  1. Set up a crypto wallet

A wallet is required to buy cryptocurrency. This is downloaded and set up through the browser.

  1. Connect Wallet

The wallet can now be linked to Tamadoge via the Tamadoge website to make purchases there.

Tamadoge Wallet

  1. Buy ETH, USDT or debit/credit card

ETH or USDT is required to buy Tamadoge tokens. In addition to the possibility to exchange the tokens, you can pay for the purchase with a debit/credit card.

  1. The purchase

Now that the purchase of the tokens can be completed, select the amount of tokens you want to buy via the “Quantity” tab. The purchase is completed through the “Pay” function.

Purchase tokens can be requested after the end of the presale.

Buy ETH at Tamadoge

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