New Bitcoin lottery from May: this encrypted lottery is now enchanting the Android gaming community

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Not only cryptocurrencies, but also online gambling enjoy a large community of interests. The symbiosis of the two multimillion-dollar industries is currently particularly popular and provides space for a special kind of digital gaming: Bitcoin lotteries.

Above all, an online lottery where participants can skim valuable coins instead of fiat money is currently on everyone’s lips – and not without reason. Lucky Block is one of the most prolific blockchain projects in 2022 and recently made headlines when its own Android app was released. The first jackpot is up for grabs this month.

Previously on the web only, now also as an app: Lucky Block crypto lottery launches Android Block application

More and more gaming friends are switching from classic lottery games, where top prizes are in US dollars or euros, to the new Bitcoin lotteries. After all, the cryptocurrency offers numerous advantages over traditional fiat currencies, which are highly regarded by many users in the gaming sector: anonymity, security, speed of transaction, transparency and, and, and …

With Lucky Block, a relatively young blockchain lottery is currently making its rounds, which can set itself apart from the other crypto lotteries in many ways. Only one of them would be an in – house LBLOCK token, which was still showing the fastest growth in the entire history of cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization in spring 2022.

Now Lucky Block is making its way into the media again: The upcoming crypto lottery, previously only accessible in the web browser, released its own smartphone app a few days ago. Currently, the beta version is only available for Android devices because Apple is still reviewing the Lucky Block app for its app store, but iOS users should be able to access the crypto lottery mobile application .

In the app you can use your Lucky Block Tokens to participate in the regular Jackpot draws. To do this, after downloading, you connect your wallet to the app and then you can add your LBLOCK coins to the app to generate extra revenue. This is actually more attractive than some Bitcoin Casino bonuses.

So Lucky Block has reached another important milestone in its young business career. The app addresses a whole new target audience, which may bring some new users to the blockchain lottery.

This is where Lucky Block differs from alternative Bitcoin lotteries

Like other Bitcoin lotteries, Lucky Block works with a blockchain on which transactions are consolidated securely and transparently. But Lucky Block differs from most of its competitors in its supposed similarities to alternative crypto gaming platforms.

In fact, LBLOCK is not based on the Ethereum blockchain like most all crypto projects and Bitcoin casinos, but on the Binance Smart Chain. This works much faster and more efficiently than Ethereum, which is already an advantage of Lucky Block.

But the “No. 1 Crypto Games Platform ”, as Lucky Block likes to call itself, has a lot more to offer. Above all, the special winning principle helps the crypto lottery achieve a high level of fairness so it does not even leave donations for charitable causes.

Lucky block jackpot

In each lottery, 70% of the prize pool goes to a grand prize winner. The remaining 30% is split equally between three different divisions: nonprofit organizations, Lucky Block Team and all other LBLOCK holders. In the end, each party is the winner.

In addition, Lucky Block does not work with Bitcoin, but only uses the native LBLOCK token. This also makes the blockchain lottery interesting for investors, the gaming base is one of the most promising 2022 cryptocurrencies due to the huge potential of the project.

Is the first Lucky Block Jackpot drawing coming up?

You can still be an early investor with an investment in LBLOCK coins, after all, the first jackpot lottery is still pending. The regular launch of the Lucky Block lottery has been delayed for a few weeks, giving crypto enthusiasts another chance to invest ahead of potential hype.

In fact, it shouldn’t be long before Lucky Block has their first big lottery. On the official website, the expected event is dated May 2022, but the developers have not yet given a more exact date.

Lucky block lottery

Not only is the tension increasing, but also awareness of the blockchain lottery. Over the past few weeks, Lucky Block has been able to win significant faces for advertising purposes, once again highlighting the powerful potential of the gaming platform.

In addition to professional boxer Dillian Whyte, who appears in front of the camera with LBLOCK merchandise and has been announced as an official advertising partner, US rapper Jidenna and poker icon Scotty Nguyen support the revolutionary crypto lottery on Twitter. In addition, some Breaking Bad fans may be familiar with the face of Steven Quezada, who includes DEA Gomez’s agent in the famous drug series – the prominent actor also announces the “crypto gaming platform no. 1”.

Platinum Rollers Club: Lucky Block with its own NFT collection

The fact that Lucky Block is still far from its dream goal, despite its rocket launch, is illustrated by its own NFT collection, which the team launched a few weeks ago. The 10,000 unique non-interchangeable tokens are a true statement for the NFT market, no collection can boast of a gaming utility like the Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club.

Behind every LBLOCK NFT is a lifetime lottery ticket, as long as you do not sell the token, of course. Every day Lucky Block wants to run its own exclusive lottery for the NFT owners.

Initially, the highest average prize is estimated at $ 10,000, but in the long run the team is looking to increase the prize. In addition, among the 10,000 NFTs there are 25 rare limited editions, which directly doubles the owner’s profit.

But that’s not all: The members of the Platinum Rollers Club can look forward to two great competitions. Here, in addition to the chance to win a million US dollars, there is a chance to win a Lamborghini Aventador.

Buy Lucky Block NFTs
In addition, additional benefits can be expected, which the Lucky Block Team will only reveal in the future. However, one thing is for sure: If the crypto lottery is set up and the daily jackpot draws are done according to plan, NFT owners can expect juicy increases in value.

Instructions: Joining the Lucky Block Bitcoin Lottery is so easy

In these guides, we explain how to participate in the Lucky Block encryption lottery, including the purchase of LBLOCK NFTs, in just four simple steps:

Step 1: Buy BNB

In the first step we need BNB, to buy which we will register with a suitable online broker of our choice. Our recommendation applies to the Lucky Block website itself, because the first crypto tokens can be purchased here with comparatively low fees and a beginner – friendly operation.

Buy BNB on Lucky Block

Step 2: BNB Exchange for WBNB

The second step begins with the migration of digital coins to our MetaMask or Trust Wallet, which we simply link to the platform or DeFi offerings such as PancakeSwap. The decentralized environment offers cheap exchange of cryptocurrencies, which is why we visit the exchange pair here.

BNB Swap for LBlock

Now we just swap the number of coins we want and confirm the transaction by clicking “Swap” or “Convert BNB”.

Step 3: Lucky Block NFT minten as a permanent lottery ticket

If you are fast, you can even plot a fresh NFT Lucky Block. To do this, we go to and again connect our MetaMask wallet to the launch platform.

NFT Market and Launchpad

We then select the desired Lucky Block NFT, pay the 3.75 WBNB (approximately USD 1,500) and then receive our lifetime lottery ticket.

Step 4: Take part in the Lucky Block Lottery

The lucky block logoNow the way to the Lucky Block crypto lottery is paved. Once the first drawing goes up, your wallet should be ready and a daily connection for a free lottery ticket. Through NFTs one participates automatically in every draw of gaming. The odds of winning the jackpot are much more attractive than in classic lottery events.

Game Lucky Block NFT chance 1 in 10,000
6 correct + supernumberChance 1: 139,838,160
6 right onesChance 1: 15,537,573

Photo by Waldemar Brandt

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