Nayib Bukele proves that bitcoin is a source of growth for El Salvador

Nayib Bukele proves that bitcoin is a source of growth for El Salvador

Increase in tourism, but not only

I a tweet posted by President Bukelewe learn that the economic situation in El Salvador is improving significantly.

“Good economic news 🇸🇻

Exports increased by 17%, we went from importing energy to exporting $900,000 and now exporting $31 million, we have the lowest inflation rate in Central America, 70,000 new jobs were created and tourism continues to grow. »

In fact, tourists are flocking to El Salvador despite the market carrying Bitcoin, mostly Americans, high-tech tourists all wanting to see how a country has really taken bitcoin and allows you to pay for your gas, your Mac Donald and even fruit juice on the beach. , in bitcoin. There are about 1.1 million visitors to El Salvador this year according to the government.

In addition, Chivo, El Salvador’s bitcoin wallet, sees $52 million in remittances in 2022. Partly due to remittances from Salvadoran expats to their home country, but also tourists in favor of the most used wallet in the country to facilitate payments with new merchants for Bitcoin.

El Salvador has acquired a strong international status

But it’s not all about tourism, El Salvador is capitalizing on its adoption of bitcoin and its status as an adoption leader.

President Bukele continues on twitter commenting,

” No more news :

The number of exporting companies has increased and our products are now reaching more destinations.

Agriculture has also developed, coffee exports increased by 67%, grain and pulse exports increased by 61% and citrus fruit exports by 35%.

Tourism is growing like never before 🚀 . »

El Salvador has achieved a second tour de force, which is to go from a country like no other in Latin America to one of the most interesting countries. In fact, thanks to the Google Trend tool, we can see that searches for El Salvador in the last 12 months are much higher than those for Argentina, a much larger and economically important country.

In addition, El Salvador is likely to reap the rewards of its financial inclusion as it hosts a ​​​​Bitcoin event with 44 central bank leaders from emerging economies around the world.

El Salvador even exports its method of accepting bitcoin, “My First Bitcoin” or “Mi Primer Bitcoin” in Spanish is gaining huge momentum in the country. The project also has ambitions in other countries and focuses in particular on young people between 16 and 17 years old to give them a strategic awareness of bitcoin.

So El Salvador exports more than products, the country tries to export a vision of the world. Bitcoin is an apolitical tool and must be used for education and control of its own currency, these positive signs show that El Salvador is on the right track and continues to create and move forward despite criticism.

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