Mushe, Bora and Bitcoin Gold end the week on a high

Mushe, Bora and Bitcoin Gold end the week on a high

We are getting closer End of month bear for cryptocurrenciesin which the market saw huge losses and high volatility before it became silent again. This week, 3 cryptocurrencies performed very wellwhile most major cryptocurrencies are still feeling the aftermath of the May rage and have attracted a lot of attention: Mushe (XMU) at + 36.2%Bitcoin Gold (BTG) at + 16.12% and Bora (BORA) at + 13.73%.

Mushe Token (XMU) The governance sign for all products is Mushe World, which is currently in the pre-sale phase but has seen great success over the past 5 weeks against all odds in the crypto space.

Bora (BORA)a decentralized gaming and entertainment ecosystem that aims to pull games and apps on its own Bora chain to avoid building on top of other blocks of chains with high gas charges.

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) one of several alternatives to Bitcoin created by hard fork more than 4 years ago. BTG’s main goal, like Bitcoin’s alternatives, is to test, develop and innovate the popular Bitcoin blockchain with a view to reaching a new level of success. BTG had a good week, ending with a 40% surge on Monday, May 23 before falling to around $ 22.

Mushe’s pre-sale lasts until July 4th

Good luck to Mushe over the last week due to the excitement that occurred in the weekend before the end of Phase 1 of the pre-sale, which was limited by the announcement of the Solidity Finance audit. The XMU pre-sale phase 1 figures released by Mushe’s team are impressive. More than 70 million XMU tokens were sold in the five weeks, the project was supported by 4000 people in more than 50 countries and the price of the token increased from $ 0.005 to $ 0.0489resulting in an 879.45% return on tokens purchased on the first day of pre-sale.

Mushe’s pre-sale will end on July 4, when the token will be launched on the UniSwap exchange. Mushe’s future is exciting for many investors as they await the launch of follow – on projects. These will include a decentralized social platform called Mushe Chat, the MusheVerse, which will allow you to buy, sell or trade digital assets such as NFTs, and the Mushe Wallet, which will include a DeFi banking solution. Mushe set himself the goal One-stop shop for your encryption and banking needs to be.

Learn more about Mushe (XMU)

Last updated on May 27, 2022

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