Mooky: Emerging meme coin competes with Dogecoin & Shiba Inu through sustainability and innovation –

Mooky: Emerging meme coin competes with Dogecoin & Shiba Inu through sustainability and innovation -

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mocking, the latest meme coin to hit the market, committed to making a difference to its investors and the environment. Through ongoing pre-sales, Mooky offers its investors the opportunity to be a part of a greener future while enjoying unique features like Ventures Club, 3D NFTs and upcoming mini-games. With a strong focus on environmental protection and community-oriented initiatives, Mooky aims to combat meme-based coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

The Mooky presale is live and has reached Level 7, giving early investors the opportunity to maximize their return on investment (ROI). The sooner you invest, the higher your return. Now is the ideal time to join the Mooky community.

With its verified and audited contract code, Mooky ensures the complete security of the project, prevents extortion and guarantees the safety of investors.

Mooky is just a meme base. It is a charitable foundation focused on environmental sustainability, partnering with organizations to plant trees and support the Rainforest Foundation. By investing in Mooky you can make financial gains while contributing to a greener world.

During the pre-sale, investors can buy MOOK, the platform’s native token, with USDT, ETH or BNB. The Mooky project has already raised over $430,000, which shows strong support and interest from the community. Once the pre-sale ends, investors can claim their purchased MOOK tokens through the claim page of the Mooky website.

The Mooky Ventures Club is a unique opportunity for Legendary NFT owners to participate in project governance through the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Club members can create initiatives for the Mooky team and vote on investment projects to generate ROI on repayments. In addition, NFT holders will receive airspace from other projects in which Mooky invests.

In addition, Mooky is seeking partnerships with major crypto platforms such as CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap to increase its visibility and attract more investors. The project also plans to get listings on reputable exchanges such as Binance and KuCoin to make MOOK trading tokens more accessible and convenient for users.

Missions and mini-games: fun with a purpose

Mooky plans to introduce missions and mini-games to the platform to increase the utility of NFTs and further engage the community. These features improve the user experience and provide more ways to interact with the platform and other members of the community.

Mooky’s contract code has been rigorously audited by SpyWolfNetwork to ensure its complete security. Solidproof confirmed the credibility of the Mooky team, protecting against hacking and ensuring the overall security of the project. This protection and transparency instills confidence in investors and allows them to invest in Mooky without worrying about potential losses.

Revolutionary 3d NFT collection

Mooky will introduce an exclusive collection of 3D NFTs to be met at the launch. These NFTs will be available in five different tiers – common, uncommon, uncommon, super rare, and legendary – and each will have a unique design and value.

These NFTs add value to upcoming developments and activities, giving holders privileged access to benefits such as air tickets and merchandise releases. In addition, each NFT is linked to a tree planted in the real world, allowing investors to monitor its positive impact on the environment.

Tokenomics and fair distribution

Mooky prides itself on its 0% tax rate, so there are no difficulties with slip-ups when buying or trading tokens. This tax free strategy is beneficial to the public and makes transactions more economical. In addition, Mooky will tie up its liquidity for two years. The absence of VC or private sales and team tokens ensures a fair distribution and equal opportunity for all investors.

A community supported project

At its core, Mooky is a community-oriented meme base that values ​​the input and contributions of its supporters. By offering exciting features such as NFTs, Ventures Club, and upcoming mini-games, Mooky aims to foster a strong and active community. With a focus on transparency, security and a greener world, Mooky is redefining what it means to be a meme base.

In short, Mooky is a unique meme coin that combines environmental sustainability, community-focused initiatives, and exciting features into one comprehensive investment opportunity. With pre-sales underway, now is the perfect time to join the Mooky community and take advantage of potential returns, 3D NFTs and the Mooky Ventures Club.

As a safe and verified project, Mooky will challenge established meme coins and give investors the opportunity to contribute to a greener world and enjoy the benefits of a thriving crypto community. The platform’s innovative approach sets it apart from other meme coins on the market, making it a strong contender for long-term success.

Its commitment to environmental protection and community-oriented nature makes it an attractive investment opportunity for crypto enthusiasts and newcomers alike. With the ambitious roadmap and expansion plans, Mooky is poised to make waves in the world of crypto and meme coins.

Last updated on 28 May 2023

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