MicroStrategy buys more Bitcoin and owns billions of coins

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Michael Saylor and his software company Microstrategy are among them whales in encryption. The company has limited ownership more than 140,000 bitcoins. Recently, the billionaire bought more than 1,000 bitcoins again

The price of Bitcoin continues to rise and it could now run up to $30,000. MicroStrategy believes so and now even owns Bitcoin over $4 billion. In total, MicroStrategy bought the coins for up to $28,000.

MicroStrategy will soon be back on Bitcoin

The average purchase price for all 140,000 bitcoins in MicroStrategy’s inventory is just over $29,800. The course continues to risethe company is back with its full portfolio clearly in the plus. So it looks like the billionaire’s bet on Bitcoin is working out

Michael Saylor had already bought thousands of bitcoins for over $150 million in the previous months. Of course, new cryptocurrencies also benefit from the rise in the price of Bitcoin.

As early as 2020, billionaire Michael Saylor announced that he would enter Bitcoin on a large scale. For him, the cryptocurrency is an ideal remedy against runaway inflation. Due to the sharp drop in price, the company still present in the red with his shops.

Cryptocurrencies are more profitable than Bitcoin

However, the meme coin Love Hate Inu (LHINU) is currently sending much stronger signals to buy. The developers are currently working on a project that aims to combine transparent and simple surveys with their own cryptocurrency. The pre-sale of LHINU tokens has been very popular so far, which has developed within a very short time.

If the price of Bitcoin rises, this automatically pulls other cryptocurrencies up. When it comes to the question “Which cryptocurrency will explode?” Bitcoin is not at the top right now, there are many promising cryptocurrencies.

Will LHINU be released soon?
Will LHINU be released soon?

Will LHINU be released soon? LHINU cheap cryptocurrency (Love Hate Inu) is considered a memecoin with huge potential. In addition to being a meme, the cheap cryptocurrency offers a valuable blockchain function. The launch of the coin is imminent.

Love Hate Inu is one Blockchain based platform for polls and online polls. The concept is unique to date and rewards users for using the platform to vote and create polls.

The LHINU pre-sale is going great right now and has already raised over $3,000,000.

Straight to Love You Hate Inu

Love Hate Inu Logo Floating Banner
The new Vote-to-Earn Meme Coin is currently on pre-sale. Don’t waste any more time and redeem your $LHINU directly here at a reasonable price:

Launches stir base: DeeLance and Ecoterra

In addition to LHNU, there are other coin launches that are currently causing a stir. DeeLance may in the future to the big and important players in the recruitment market belongs In addition to established job exchanges and social networks such as LinkedIn or Xing, DeeLance can provide freelancers to a new level elevator.

DeeLance mainly uses smart contracts and only the blockchain. That makes all actions on the scene fast, cheap and transparent.

Early bride investors benefit

Early Bird Investors would have the opportunity to DLANCE during the first pre-sale round at a reduced price – 0.025 US dollars. In the following rounds the price will increase to $0.027 and $0.030 per DLANCE, respectively third quarter of almost 50% to $0.037 .

The total supply of signals is equal to 1 billion tokens.

Illustrated in a simple way instead of the intermediary blockchain project to connect contractor and client. Everything is decentralized, independent, transparent and therefore much cheaper.

At the same time Freelancers and clients benefit from Smart Contractsthe security of the blockchain and the reliability of a decentralized platform.

Direct to DeeLance

DeeLance logoDeelance focuses on a growing market: independence. Don’t waste any more time and redeem your $DLANCE directly here at a reasonable price:

Your capital is at risk.

The IS The subject of climate change is becoming more and more important to us as humans. Both politicians and the classical financial market have recognized sustainability as an important factor.

Blockchain and Web3 technologies enable new cryptocurrency developers to develop sustainable cryptocurrencies and encourage users to be more sustainable and environmentally conscious. One such project is Ecoterra, which focuses mainly on recycling plastic and glass bottles.

The focus is on your own coins. Ecoterra helps people make sustainable choices, by receiving these rewards. The founders have developed a concept to improve the lack of recycling options. The question can be: “Buy Ecoterra or not?” to answer quickly with “buy”.

Lets you invest in the project early Profit up to 150% before the signal is officially released.

Cryptocurrencies with potential in 2023


Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile, unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

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