Michael Saylor announces supremacy of bitcoin (BTC)

Michael Saylor announces supremacy of bitcoin (BTC)

Despite a scarce macroeconomic background and a slow market recovery, bitcoin proponents are still quite optimistic. This is especially true for Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, who has stepped up to protect cryptocurrency in these times of uncertainty. He used a recent interview with Fox News to say that bitcoin is the safest asset on the investment market.

Best performing asset since the covid-19 crisis

While bitcoin has already lost nearly 60% of its value from a record high of $ 69,000, Saylor prefers to stick to the positive. Going back to the beginning of the covid-19 crisis, the CEO of MicroStrategy made this clear cryptocurrency prefers large market assets. ” If you zoom out two years since the Covid crisis began, the US silver supply has increased 36%, gold is up 7%, the S&P index is up 29%. Nasdaq is up only 19%, and bitcoin is up 229% β€œ, He hammered.

Mr Saylor went on to attack the stock markets A safe haven would not offer better than bitcoin, he said.still sheltered from government intervention policies. β€œIn a market full of chaos, noise and anger, people need a safe place to stay away from any government, agency or corporate intervention. Bitcoin is a fair, open and fair network with a very simple promise for anyone who wants to get involved, that what you have is yours, and that no one will miss it. “, he confirmed.

MicroSstrategy will continue to collect bitcoin regardless of price

The interview was also an opportunity for Mr Saylor to recall that his company will continue its policy of buying bitcoins despite the recorded losses. He explained that this is a long-term investment strategy that will pay off. It focuses on the growing adoption of cryptocurrency, the advent of constructive regulations and the performance of the Lightning network in terms of transactions.

Every time I have some spare cash, we buy more bitcoins. We have a very broad view of the situation. The network is not only improving but adoption is also improving. Very helpful regulation is emerging, and the Lightning Network brings us closer to Satoshi’s promise to allow everyone in the world to interact with each other at the speed of light. This in a fair and equitable way “, he said.

This new release from Michael Saylor proves that the man has not used his place among the most prestigious bitcoin optimists within the industry. She also recalls that MicroStrategy intends to maintain its status as the company with the largest BTC reserve with the future purchases announced by its CEO.

Source: The Daily Hodl

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