Metacade comes to DEXs: Can it compete with Ethereum?

Metacade comes to DEXs: Can it compete with Ethereum?

As bitcoin begins to recover its price after the banking crisis in the United States, those who want to buy Ethereum (ETH) should know that it has had some difficulty in keeping the rhythm. NOW, Metacade’s MCADE token is about to be listed on decentralized exchanges, such as Uniswap, after a successful pre-sale. So which of these assets might look interesting right now? Does it make sense to switch to Ethereum, or are there better alternatives?

Increased interest in MCADE stock market listings

Interest in MCADE has increased. Now, with the immediate listing of the Metacade native token on decentralized exchanges (DEX), crypto traders are paying even more attention. This listing often has a significant impact on exchanges on the prices of crypto tokens, due to the additional liquidity they generate in this process.

Metacade is a highly anticipated Web3 game platform in the market, and the MCADE token will be at the core of this ecosystem’s economy. The MCADE token will allow members of the Metacade community to share the revenue earned by the platform in a variety of ways. This includes advertising, job offers, competitions with cash prizes and paid arcade games.

The benefits of joining a project that shares real income with deposit holders are significant. Moreover, these holders are very different from dApps investors like those who want to buy Ethereum. That is why traders are more and more inclined to consider MCADE as an interesting cryptocurrency.

Metacade is an emerging Web3 gaming platform and community. In addition, the funds from the completed pre-sale will allow them to build their strategy. After being listed on DEXs such as Uniswap and having found its place on various CEXs, the first developments around Metacade can begin.

There will be a universal meeting place in the center of the Metacade platform. It will bring players and developers together in one arcade. This, in order to collaborate and develop the future of games on the Web3. Ultimately, the idea is to use the MCADE token to enable Metacade to operate as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

MCADE tokens will be used as currency for various features throughout Metacade. This includes Compete2Earn features where players can participate in gaming tournaments, using MCADE tokens to register.

Staking is also possible. Users have the opportunity to earn rewards by pledging MCADE. In addition, the latter are paid in MCADE tokens. Promised rewards will come from the various revenue streams generated by Metacade. Although it may seem counterintuitive at first glance, it will be interesting for holders. In fact, MCADE symptoms will not diminish over time. This is due to the increase in supply with remuneration payments.

Metacade plans to transition to a DAO by the end of 2024. This will involve distributing roles to the Metacade community. In addition, the MCADE token will help enable the governance of the OCC. This will include giving MCADE token holders the ability to vote on Metagrants. Especially for new games developed exclusively for the Metacade platform.

Moreover, Ethereum also has a betting system. However, anyone looking to buy Ethereum should understand that it is not set up in a similar way to Metacade. In fact, income designated in stables is shared directly with deposit holders at Metacade. Instead, ETH is used for rewards, which can be sold on the market.

What future for MCADE in 2023?

Recently most of the attention has been on bitcoin due to its possible protective role against the problems of the banking crisis in the United States. However, this situation may change as the cryptocurrency bull market continues and alternative crypto assets emerge.

Thanks to Metacade’s revenue sharing, MCADE should be an attractive offering heading into 2023. A dividend-paying crypto asset is rare, especially one that doesn’t pay rewards in its own token. Listing MCADE on Uniswap and other known exchanges could play a big role in helping more crypto traders get to know the MCADE Metacade token.

What about Ethereum?

Anyone who has decided to buy Ethereum in recent months may want to look at an alternative. Many traders bought Ethereum to take advantage of the move to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) by The Merge. But now that it has happened, there is no strong indication of the impact it will have on the future of this platform.

Storytelling is essential in the cryptocurrency market, and it is a basic requirement for finding an interesting cryptocurrency today. Due to its early stage of development and its ability to bring Web3 gaming income to its holders, MCADE could be an attractive option for new crypto investors wondering what cryptocurrency could be.

Metacade’s MCADE token is already available here.

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