McDonald’s now accepts Bitcoin and Tether in a city in Switzerland

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The world’s most famous fast food chain now accepts payment in crypto in the city of Lugano. This is another step in the adoption of crypto-currencies for the Swiss village.

Lugano, a stronghold of cryptocurrency in Europe

The 63,000 inhabitants of Lugano, located in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, will be able pay in Bitcoin and Tether at McDonald’s. The city is already leading the adoption of cryptocurrencies since it accepts the Bitcoin (BTC), USDT and LVGA as legal currencies. The Swiss city is trying to attract entrepreneurs and startups from the cryptocurrency industry.

For this, Lugano has accepted very suitable policy for crypto. In fact, its inhabitants can pay (among others) their taxes into digital assets through collaboration with Tether. By using the Lightning Network, the city is already able to pay for cryptocurrencies in more than 200 businesses.

Last March, the Swiss village launched its operation “Map ₿”. This project is under development recommend on the topic of crypto currencies.

The creation of the 2 investment funds. The first fund is dedicated to promotion BTC is accepted across the city and it is equal to 3.26 million dollars. The second of $110 million is used for boot installation who wants to start it in the Swiss city. All this with the aim of becoming one of the leading cryptocurrency cities in Europe.

One of the ultimate objectives of the β€œβ‚Ώ plan” is to create a specialized university program. The topics will be mainly on Bitcoin (BTC) and the Lightning Network. Therefore, students will be able to learn new skills and knowledge in the young field of cryptocurrency.

Crypto-assets are a risky investment.

McDonald’s is added to the list of businesses that accept encrypted payments

In this video below from Bitcoin Magazine, a person can be seen placing an order at a McDonald’s restaurant. The customer pays for their meal using it cryptocurrency mobile payment in a short time. At the entrance to the fast food, there are the Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether logos indicating that the restaurant accepts these payment methods.

Other crypto payment services are coming to the city of Lugano. The residents go be able to pay parking tickets, student tuition fees and other public services. In addition, merchants should accept this new method of payment through a digital asset.

Lugano is investing in its future. That is why, in recent years, we have already implemented blockchain-based solutions, including the MyLugano app and its LVGA Points payment token, the digital Lugano franc and the 3Achain blockchain infrastructure, said the mayor of Lugano, Michele Foletti.

In an interview with Cointelegraph in June, Paolo Ardoino, Chief Technology Officer of Tether and Bitfinex, claimed that the plan β‚Ώ β€œgoing greatβ€œ, announcing a two-week educational activity on blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the city.

In September 2021, El Salvador became the first country in the world to allow bitcoin to be used as legal tender. Since then, McDonald’s has been accepting bitcoins at its 19 outlets across the country. From then on, we can imagine that other countries and fastfoods will follow suit by offering payments in crypto currencies in their stores.

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