Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) to lend $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin (BTC) to keep UST stable

La Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) va prêter 1,5 milliard de dollars en Bitcoin (BTC) pour maintenir la stabilité de l’UST

Bitcoin to rescue Terra UST stable (LUNA)

Although the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies watching a downward trend like all risky assets, the UST of Terra (LUNA) it fell below its benchmark value of $ 1 this weekend.

To prevent this, the Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) he revealed his action plan in a series of tweets this morning:

Therefore, the foundation will be allocated $ 1.5 billion from its reserve to offer loans on the market. This budget will be distributed in two ways. On the one hand, $ 750 million worth of Bitcoin will be lent to over-the-counter (OTC) trading companies and on the other hand, 750 million UST will be used to accumulate BTC as the market stabilizes.

According to the LFG, this will contribute to keep the price of UST at 1 dollaralthough we do not currently know more about the mechanics, which will be applied to achieve this result.

On Saturday, the UST saw its price fall to a low of $ 0.985, before stabilizing between $ 0.998 and $ 0.991:

UST / USD price in 4 hours details

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Reserve provided for such cases

If the UST is running on arbitration system by issuing and burning LUNA tokens, the LFG bitcoin reserve serves as a support to complement this functionality.

In fact, as is currently the case, sustained market movements can be in one direction or another change the price of stablecoins and precisely for this purpose this fund was created.

In recent months, we have also seen a number of announcements from the Luna Foundation Guard regarding the purchase of large amounts of BTC to build up this $ 2.89 billion reserve.

Note, however, that if this phenomenon of “pin loss” is not so rare to some extent, the other stable tires were not affected this weekend. This may also be due to the algorithmic nature of the UST, and the increasing demand for it. It will fit then look at his behavior in the next market accelerations.

👉 For the same reason – UST Terra is the 3rd most capitalized stable base, ahead of BUSD

Sources: Chart: Trade View, LFG Reserve

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