Love Hate Inu, check out this new pre-sale crypto that could surpass Dogecoin


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Love Hate Inu reinvents the genre by a a project based on the votes of its community. The team is coming up with a new Vote-to-Earn model where users will have a central place in the ecosystem.

Love Hate Inu is intended as a utility and will earn tokens LHINU for the votes cast in the polls, or, for “hosting” polls. The latter falls into the category of memecoins with its Universe drawn from the famous Shiba Inu. Are you interested in it? Here are more details about this new project.

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Love Hate Inu: vote with the help of your LHINU tokens

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You had to think about it, but Love Hate Inu chose to take the survey angle to reward its users. These will be made available on the platform and users will be able to vote completely anonymously so they don’t skew the answers.

But be careful, to join, you must first have LHINU tokens. To verify that these are users responding to surveys, a minimum of 30 day commitments will be required to unlock the functionality.

Naturally, this process puts the LHINU token at the heart of the Love Hate Inu ecosystem. But it is It also helps prevent spam from outsiders or the project had little to do with it. In addition, the more signs you have while campaigning, and for longer, the more important your vote will be.

The Love Hate Inu pre-sale is on!

Do you like the idea? The project is still in its infancy and offers its $LHINU tokens at market price. The project is only in its first phase, and $100,000 has already been raised. To complete the first phase, $956,250 will be raised. There is still some margin, but the tokens are selling like hotcakes!

To get a $LHINU token, you will have to pay 0.000085 USDT. And the good news, the developers plan to launch their token on the first listing at a price of 0.000145 USDT. This still represents a 70% profit if you invest now!

Crypto-assets are a risky investment.

An anti-rugging system to reassure potential investors

Developers know very well that the crypto world is full of scams. And to reassure its future investors, the latter has announced that they will sell 90% of the total supply of signs. They only keep 10% of the tokens, mainly to ensure exchanges on the lists.

This process ensures that the team is behind the project they will not be able to manipulate the market in “Pump and Dump” operations.

The online survey market, an eldorado?

According to the project developers, the online survey software industry is booming. They declare:

The global online survey software market size will increase from $2.79 billion in 2022 to $3.2 billion in 2023 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.6%.

A very fine prospect, even more so since that is imagined this market will reach $5.69 billion in 2027, according to The Business Research Company. For them, Love Hate Inu is a disruptive way to enter this market with a coin on the Ethereum blockchain, which is known to be secure and reliable.

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Source: Official Love Hate Inu Twitter, Love Hate Inu official site

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