Litecoin price prediction: Analysts expect LTC to reach $2,200

Litecoin price prediction: Analysts expect LTC to reach $2,200

Litecoin has been relatively quiet in recent years. While Bitcoin and Ethereum are on everyone’s lips, Cardano has many fans or meme tokens like Dogecoin are experiencing incredible hype, the cryptocurrency LTC is invisible and no accents can be fixed.

Litecoin: Digital money in the shadow of bitcoin

That was different a while ago. Litecoin was considered the “digital money” in line with Bitcoin as digital gold. For a long time, Litecoin was one of the top 5 most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world and some even considered LTC to be a better alternative to BTC. As the Litecoin Foundation announced faster transaction times than Bitcoin, four times as many units as Bitcoin and a proof-of-work mechanism it should create more fairness in mining.

But now hardly anyone is talking about what Litecoin can do compared to Bitcoin. LTC is only 22nd in the crypto ranking by market capitalization and the price is not really moving. Although LTC was able to gain 3.5 percent in the last 7 days, it is still 87 percent below the all-time high at a price of around $55. That’s a lot more than Bitcoin, which is currently about 70 percent off its peak value.


1 Litecoin is worth just 0.0026 Bitcoin – a 90 percent drop

Litecoin’s weakness compared to Bitcoin is especially evident when looking at the LTC/BTC dominance chart, which compares the value of LTC to the value of BTC.

So you currently get the equivalent of 0.0026 Bitcoin for LTC. This means that the value has recovered a little in the short term, because in June there was only 0.0017 Bitcoin for LTC. However, Litecoin was worth much more compared to Bitcoin already. In December 2017 and February 2018, Litecoin even reached a price ratio of 0.025 Bitcoin in the bull market. That means Litecoin is only worth a tenth of this amount today.

So, is Litecoin currently undervalued and now is the right time to buy LTC? Or will Litecoin have an even steeper price drop – also compared to buying Bitcoin?

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Litecoin could rise 480 percent faster than Bitcoin

Chart analysis and analyst assessments with current price forecasts may provide clues as to where the price of the cryptocurrency may move in the short, medium and long term.

The mentioned LTC-BTC chart can be interpreted as bullish. Due to the daily candles you can see a falling wedge, in which Litecoin has been since 2017. There are many points of contact with the resistance and support lines and also some fake outs can be found where Litecoin failed to confirm the breakout to the upside.

However, Litecoin has broken through this interesting chart pattern to the upside again and this time the chances of it not being fake are higher. Because this chart pattern will end at the beginning of 2023, so LTC will get a strong dominance over Bitcoin at the latest or get another price drop.

If Litecoin confirms the current breakout from this bullish chart pattern according to technical analysis, the technical price target is around 0.015 BTC. So Litecoin could gain about 480 percent in value compared to Bitcoin and thus reach the highest level since 2019. This would suggest that Litecoin is not only showing a strong trend in the near future here, but that a massive altcoin rally could be on the horizon. In this Bitcoin analysis, also explains what it speaks for.

A $15 correction before the next bull market?

Dollar LTC chart analysis is also raising hopes for all Litecoin bulls. A bullish wedge is also falling on the daily candles, which Litecoin has been in since May 2021, when the altcoin hit a new all-time high.

Again, it can be clearly seen that Litecoin managed to break through the upper resistance line in early October 2022. A retest of the previous resistance as a new support could be made until the end of November this year and so it is about to happen. However, Litecoin could even crash briefly to $15 to confirm the breakout to the upside. That would be a drastic correction of more than 70 percent from the current price.

LTC hasn’t seen such a low price since 2017, but it could be an opportunity to buy Litecoin super cheap on a crypto exchange before the altcoin starts its next bullish rally. However, the retry is not absolutely necessary at these low levels. Litecoin could also start the retracement earlier and start a strong uptrend again at much higher prices.

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The chart shows a price target of $300 for LTC

LTC/USD may take this technical price target back to $300. ​​​​​​That would be a steep increase of almost 450 percent to the current price and would provide huge returns for investors who buy Litecoin now. However, the chart analysis only shows the price targets that Litecoin can reach in the foreseeable future. How do analysts view the medium and long term future of LTC?

Digital Coin Price price forecast looks bullish. The analysts expect that Litecoin could rise towards $ 100 again next year, which corresponds to an increase of almost 100 percent. It is then estimated that it could rise to the $200 mark for 2028. It is then expected to jump up to $384 by the 2030s and therefore close to an all-time high.

Analysts: 3,900 percent potential growth for LTC

He is more cautious on the Base Price Forecast forecast. A price of more than 100 dollars is not expected to be possible for LTC until 2026. Even in the long term, analysts believe that Litecoin cannot rise above $150. However, the estimate is still more optimistic than Wallet Investor’s forecast. The analysts are also assuming that prices will rise here, but only very moderately. The forecast for 2027 is only 85 dollars, which corresponds to a price increase of a good 55 percent.

On the other hand, the mood among analysts on the financial blog is very different. They see the Litecoin price jumping above the $100 mark as early as next year. In 2025, Litecoin is expected to rise above $200 in the next bull market and may reach a new price of nearly $500 two years later.

In the following years, analysts expect a parabolic price rise that could take Litecoin above the $1,000 mark by 2029. A maximum price of more than USD 2,200 per LTC is expected in the early 2030s. That would correspond to a strong price increase of 3,900 percent on the current purchase price.

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