LinkedIn Founder Launches Solana Based NFT Collection

LinkedIn Founder Launches Solana Based NFT Collection

The NFT sector attracts a little more every day. The development of digital assets is creating an unparalleled craze. As cryptocurrencies gradually change green, non-fungible tokens are emerging and reaching new heights. Discover the LinkedIn founder project and see NFTs in a different way.

Reid Hoffman enters NFTs

Non-interchangeable signs are quietly creeping into our daily lives. Over time, the digital takes over the physical and gradually dominates. Supremacy slowly came with the advent of social networks, then cryptocurrencies and finally NFTs.

Since the creation of these assets, more and more people are trying to enter the field. We must admit that the concept is innovative, attractive and secure. As a result, unfunded tokens quickly became a sign of power and wealth.

Therefore, the most wealthy enter the sector and experiment with NFTs. As a buyer or collection owner. But in any case, everyone wants to join the movement while there is still time. As a result, we see celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Pharrell Williams, Cristiano Ronaldo and even the big fashion houses. On July 21, Reid Hoffman became the co-founder of LinkedIn Notice that he was working on a small series of NFTs based on Solana.

Untranslatable Wordsa unique and wonderful collection

Reid Hoffman, who is known as the founder of LinkedIn, recently announced his NFT initiative. The collection Untranslatable Words It is a series of tokenized images created through artificial intelligence BALL-E. The concept of this project may leave investors in a panic since the billionaire wants to crack the codes of NFT technology.

By using DALL-E, the businessman realizes that anyone can copy an original work endlessly. However, he believes in the potential of the platform and thinks he can take advantage of the possibilities it offers. Just like cryptos, non-fungible tokens tend towards scalability.

“Mangata” Reid Hoffman NFT

“Mangata”, the first piece of the collection is already on sale on Magic Eden. According to the owner of the Solana-based collection, the Swedish term somehow means the moon reflecting on the water. Basically, he would have taken inspiration from words in another language that have no meaning in your own language. You can buy your NFT right now for up to $517, or 12 SOL. Tokens not purchased will be permanently destroyed or burned.

The LinkedIn co-founder’s NFT project is new to the industry. Although there are many collections of non-interchangeable tokens, Reid Hoffman thinks DALL-E technology could revolutionize the field. There are 11 images in the collection that will be revealed gradually each day. Buying these tokens based on Solana will help support charities and distribute funds to their collaborators.

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