“It’s going to be absolutely brutal”! Top bullish traders, Bitcoin sees close to $ 100,000 soon

"It's going to be absolutely brutal"!  Top bullish traders, Bitcoin sees close to $ 100,000 soon

Bitcoin at $ 100,000? Most crypto investors have probably bid farewell to this in light of the bearish phase on the markets. However, a popular trader remains bullish, emphasizing in analysis: Bitcoin is sure to rise to $ 100,000 – and will be “absolutely brutal” because no one expects it. Should You Buy Bitcoin Now?

Why Bitcoin Can Reach $ 100,000

The sentiment has reached a new negative record among crypto investors, currently standing on “extreme fear” according to the “Crypto & Greed Fear Index”. Many coins fall day by day, as a result of which the capitalization of the crypto market has also had to lose many feathers. Far from a record high of $ 3 trillion, it is currently hovering around $ 1.30 trillion (data from


At the very least, Bitcoin managed to move above the $ 30,000 support level and keep it above the support level. Many industry analysts and observers expect continuous trading on the other hand, ie rise and fall, without sustainably changing the price.

Top-rated trader CrediBULL Crypto (@CredibleCrypto on Twitter) sees it differently. He says: Bitcoin will only succeed when the coin breaks the $ 100,000 mark. Because, according to the analyst: Then the current bull cycle will be over.

“I look forward to being bearish after this wave over $ 100ka which I hope will be completed.”

And according to CrediBull:

“If you look at the current outlook during a mid-cycle correction, the correction that will correct the entire bull cycle from $ 3,000 to + $ 100,000 will be absolutely brutal.”

Crypto is credible even expecting such a price explosion in the foreseeable future: In its estimate, it could be as early as 2022, but 2023 would soon be possible as well.

“I’m not saying it has to happen this year, BTC can top in early 2023 too”

Bitcoin crash again?

Could Bitcoin crash again along the way? Or will the # 1 cryptocurrency by market cap continue to trade sideways until the $ 100k mobilization begins?

Here the analyst makes the all-clear, saying: Last year, too, forecasts were made that saw Bitcoin plummeting – and then trampled the coin to its all-time high of $ 65,000.

In the short term, however, the crypto expert recommends caution. BTC has reached a certain resistance area, so the short – term rise here is probably limited. Rejection is to be expected – not “anything that would surprise or worry you when that comes”. It is only part of the process.

Credible Crypto:

“The argument for $ 13,000- $ 14,000 BTC is on the basis that previous major markets have declined by 80% from the top on the assumption that $ 65,000 is the top of the league.”

But that’s the same assumption that people would have made at $ 30,000 in June ’21 – before BTC was applied to a new record high of $ 65,000 three months later. So can the crypto markets expect a new bull to run in just a few weeks?

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