Is this coin as successful as Bitcoin? BTC20 starts the presale


The developers of BTC20 project have high goals. The IS ERC-20 coin available through the Ethereum blockchain and therefore also offers Staking features. At the same time, the coin takes advantage of the Speed, fast transactions, stability and the reputation of the Ethereum blockchain.

So the first impression of the new coin looks very promising and the crypto presale can probably be very positive.

Bitcoin relaunched as an ERC-20 token

The developers of BTC20 want to make the Bitcoin available as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain as a new version and achieve the same success that the main cryptocurrency framework has had in recent years.

The new cryptocurrency aims to replicate the fame and history of Bitcoin on the Ethereum blockchain. The price of BTC20 coins are $1just like him Bitcoin price in 2011 was.

BTC20 can be bought with ETH or USDT. The developers refer to BTC20 as an ERC-20 version of Bitcoin based on the Ethereum blockchain. By placing BTC20 investors can earn a percentage as a reward through a a new Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism. earn.

Bitcoin from 2011 is now live on the Ethereum blockchain

BTC20 developers are trying to bring Bitcoin back to life as it was in 2011 on the Ethereum blockchain. Back then he got 6.05 million bitcoins and as much BTC20 tokens it should be i Presale for $1 each give

Thus, BTC20 takes its investors back in time and allows investors to earn returns on Bitcoin, but this time as a BTC20 token. The total supply of BTC20 is 21 million. All BTC20 tokens not sold in the presale, at least 14.95 million, will be locked in a staking contract to reward BTC20 stakeholders.

Earn money with BTC20

With each creation of a bitcoin block at that time, some BTC20 tokens are released and distributed to the stacker distributed. After pre-sale BTC20 holders can claim their tokens to earn a share of the stake rewards.

If an investor Spend more BTC20, get more rewards. The IS A smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain releases the tokens according to the Bitcoin block schedule through a a period of about 120 years automatically free.

BTC20 presale bets

Is BTC20 the best bitcoin?

Call the developers BTC20 the better bitcoin because it can take advantage of the flexible capabilities of the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts. The original Bitcoin blockchain is unable to do this.

Ethereum the most used blockchain next to bitcoin and offers much more possibilities than bitcoin itself, for example Smart Contracts. So investors can now buy the “new bitcoin” at the lowest price.

The coin can be purchased with MetaMask or other wallet apps. Decentralized self-storage of BTC20 tokens is expressly possible. BTC20 offers a new opportunity to all those who lost Bitcoin for $1, a an improved version of bitcoin buy at the lowest possible price. The cryptocurrency offers a promising kind Travel back in time to 2011.

Another advantage is the ability to accept BTC20 tokens to earn passive income. BTC mining is not affordable for the common man, but anyone can buy BTC20 and make money by staking.

BTC20 distributes tokens on the same schedule as Bitcoin, that is, every 10 minutes. The BTC20 smart contract is configured to pay the token rewards at the same speed as Bitcoin. Like BTC, the total amount of BTC20 is 21 million.

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