Is it too late to buy Solana? SOL price rises 10%, but whales prefer to buy other crypto coins!


Solana is trending well at the moment and has recently increased by more than 10 percent. Many investors therefore ask themselves whether it is worth investing in SOL or whether it is already too late.

In fact, cryptowhales seem to be more focused on a new, different cryptocurrency at the moment.

Solana is up, but will it stay that way?

There has been good news for Solana in the last few months. That is why there seems to be a wing on the course at the moment.

Recently, NFT marketplace Magic Eden offered rewards for creating and trading Solana NFTs.

This premium allows even investors at Magic Eden free for SOL come. In addition, Magic Eden eliminated the subscription fees, but still charged 2 percent commission on trade.

In late 2021, Magic Eden is essentially the the most famous and largest market for Solana NFTs. However, the platform is somewhat isolated with closed source code and various other limitations. The marketing move should change that.

Solana is a popular serial blockchain, but is that enough to keep the price going higher?

Solan there is a Tier 1 blockchain with the support of Smart Contracts. According to a unanimous opinion, the blockchain is one of the biggest competitors of Ethereum. This of course makes the cryptocurrency interesting for investors.

Blockchain is better known fast transactions and low fees. Therefore, many developers are relying on smart contracts in Solana. However, that is not necessarily enough to keep prices rising.

Even if SOL prices continue to rise, there is always the risk of taking a profit. In addition, the course has already gone well. Alternative addresses may cryptocurrencies or coins more money for investors Take in

A cross-chain bridge enables Solana to connect directly to Ethereum Virtual Machine-based blockchains

A new feature of the deBridge cross-chain bridge will allow Solana users to access other blockchains in the future. The fees for this should remain very low.

So Solana users can access blockchains based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) without having access to other tokens. This is also good news for the SOL course.

Corresponding solutions already exist, but they are not as seamless as the deBridge option. This new option removes all the drawbacks and allows seamless access to a variety of blockchains.

Even before this good news, the number of SOL users steadily increased and strengthened investors’ confidence in the cryptocurrency. In our price forecast for Solana, we explain how the price of SOL can develop.

Solana brings its own Web3 smartphone with Android

Parallel to the good news, Solana has launched its own Web3 smartphone with Android, which can also be used as a wallet to store cryptocurrencies, for example.

On the smartphone, the main focus is on features for blockchain technologies. The smartphone is quite expensive, but the kit is basically a normal mid-range Android smartphone.

It is currently more likely that SOL can rise and is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies in 2023, but the price will probably not rise as high as the price of other cryptocurrencies that still have a lot of potential.

Can Thug Life be one of the biggest hits of 2023? Many crypto analysts believe in it

Looking for new cryptocurrencies that can quickly deliver high returns, interested investors quickly come across the new cryptocurrency Thug Life ($THUG).

This very interesting meme base seems worth a look. First of all, the pre-sale amount is quite low at two million US dollars. That leaves a lot of scope to raise prices quickly.

There is also a three-month liquidity block. This excludes short-term speculators and can ensure that prices rise quickly. 70 percent of the total offer is intended for pre-sale and more 15% for marketing purposes.


The developers are 15% reserved for community rewards. So it looks like an airdrop reward is coming up that will reward early investors.

So a successor to PEPE could emerge here. This would also be reflected in the fact that the $THUG pre-sale has ended quickly. Anyone who wants to take advantage of the new base should join as soon as possible.

Thug Life seems to be the best coin to invest in right now. Thug Life could be one of the cryptocurrencies that could skyrocket this year.

Cryptocurrencies with potential in 2023


Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile, unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

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