Is Bitcoin ready to jump? 3D games at Bitcoin? Ordinances develop into Bitcoin Gambling and more news!

Bitcoin Gaming - Ordinals entwickeln sich rapide weiter

ornamental The Bitcoin blockchain contains a protocol that allows program code to be stored within the blockchain. This opportunity often comes to the Store NFTs used in the Bitcoin blockchain.

there was Previous orders of size 4 MB connected what is the Bitcoin block size is equivalent to. Ordinals allow inscriptions to be written for a block.

Ordnance Developers Extend Protocol Capabilities – What Are the Implications for Bitcoin? Are 3D games coming now?

With the new version of Ordinals, the developers of the protocol introduced recursive entries. This allows multiple inscriptions from different blocks to work together.

As a result, more data can now be stored in the Bitcoin blockchain, which goes much further than was previously possible. The amount of program code and NFTs is included Bitcoin is therefore unlimited.

At the same time, large programs can now be stored in the Bitcoin blockchain, for example 3D games. The possibilities are very interesting and can explode the course of Bitcoin.

The ease of separation of bitcoin blocks opens up unimagined possibilities in the blockchain that go far beyond what was previously possible.

There are new applications for the Bitcoin blockchain, which of course can also have a significant impact on the price. It is the change already from 06/10/2023 active.

If Bitcoin cures well, other promising cryptocurrencies will benefit much more.

BRC-20 Tokens and 3D Games on the Bitcoin Blockchain! Does this make sense?

NFTs can be exploited through the previously mentioned inscriptions in the Bitcoin blockchain. Due to the innovation of the routing protocol, many other areas of implementation are possible in the future, and NFTs will also benefit from that.

So it is quite possible that in the future there will be many more NFTs in the Bitcoin blockchain that can be used profitably.

NFT markets benefit from this and it is expected that the general mood in the crypto market will improve as a result and new crypto currencies will also be able to record rising prices.

Low transaction costs and public programs on the Bitcoin blockchain

At the same time seeThis innovation also reduces costs for transactions in the Bitcoin blockchain. One of the reasons for this is that developers no longer have to label NFTs individually, but instead collections Recusive Inscriptions describe immediately.

Developers are sure that programs of all kinds can run in the future on the Bitcoin blockchain because the inscriptions are publicly accessible. These are not necessarily 3D games, but can also be other apps in the blockchain.

Internal Internet can Bitcoin! Can I make money from it?

The numerous possibilities as a result of developments can have numerous programs, games and other use cases within the Bitcoin blockchain, similar to the Internet.

There are already various blockchain games on markets such as Also the Explorer Ordinal becomes a web browser with extensive possibilities. These climb through Recursive inscriptions further on.

Investors can earn money from the trend by buying Bitcoin or from other games and programs stored in the Bitcoin blockchain. Therefore, it can be worth buying promising cryptocurrencies again, especially because the news is getting better.

According to the SEC, Bitcoin is not a security! What does that mean?

As part of his lawsuit against the crypto exchange Binance, the SEC so far almost 70 cryptocurrencies as securities classified. As a result, these cryptocurrencies are of course subject to the strict rules regarding securities in the USA.

This is probably not par for the course. That’s good news Bitcoin is not currently classified as a security and the SEC is not expected to change that in the future. This is also a good sign for the Bitcoin course.

In this environment, coin launches are especially relevant right now, as the SEC’s lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase are barely making an impact. Within 2023, meme coins and crypto pre-sales are performing much better than other cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies with potential in 2023


Cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile, unregulated investment product. Your capital is at risk.

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